Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Why pack when I could be taking pictures of this cute little pumpkin pie?

Why would I want to leave this little one, and travel accross the country?

Good question...I was thinking today...and again after I uploaded these pictures tonight.

The thing that gives me comfort is knowing it's just a little 4 day trip. They are in good hands with papa at home. And thinking about sunny California.

I wanted to get some pictures of Suzanna Faye in her new bed that papa made for her. She loves it and so do I. I love how she goes running when it's bedtime. I'm already planning what he can make next. I ordered sheets off of eBay, and those came today....so it's complete. And just in case you're thinking I love Suzy the best out of my 4 children and that's why she made the blog tonight (all 38 pictures)----Let me set you straight. Like all mothers I love them all the same. Really, I do. It's just that she was the only one home today. Grandma had William today. And the 2 oldest were at school. So what else could I do today besides sit around and take pictures?

What's that you say? Pack? Really, since I'm leaving tomorrow? I was thinking that briefly before I started those pillow cases you see up above in the picture. All of a sudden I got inspired to use that fabric I bought a while ago. And when inspiration hits....I gotta act on it.

And if you have a one year old...you know just how hard it is to get a picture. Suzy kept on moving and leaning on her new pillows. Saying "piwwo" Oh yah, She was cheesin' it up. I'm pretty sure she liked having mama all to herself.

And then tonight Donovan had another basketball game. WE were running late as usual and I was yelling...I mean asking the kids nicely to put their shoes on. Then, I was looking for Suzy when I heard her in my room. This is what she was doing--Bringing my shoes to me. And do you see she is also holding her baby. I mean she is gonna make one great mama. I'm pretty sure she learned how to multi- task from me. WOW! Does it get any better that that people? Does it? She's cute and she brings me my shoes.


Lyndon Bontrager said...

Maybe it is because I am around and remember your children at this age, but I don't remember any as cute as she is. Good thing you stopped because, really, it can't get any better than that second picture! Adorable! She acted like she was in a photo shoot.

Kim said...

Love her room Heather! And I am going to try my hand at the blocks for Addison's room.

Cottonista said...

Aren't you glad you had that fabric on hand? Cute pictures, cute pillows, cute girl!

Sherri said...

ADORABLE!!! She looks so little on that big bed of hers...and like a princess in her new room. You did a great job on everything.

Anonymous said...

nothing sweeter than a momma's love...
happy belated b-day!!!!
it looks like you had a great celebration.
also, liked the matching shirts w/ isabella! =^) very cute.

Holly Jolly said...

What a princess! She is such a happy baby! Love you all! Holly