Saturday, February 2, 2008


Don't let that smile fool you....She has thrown up 3 times today.

And this one has thrown up too many times to even count. Note: Jack's bucket within arms reach. Too bad he could'nt make the bucket every time. (for instance at 1:30 this morning when he threw up all over the couch and carpet.)

And yep, William too. Three out of four of our people are creating alot of laundry for their parents.

Last night we took the kids to Donovan's parents for them to babysit and while we were still getting coats off William and Jack were messing around someone got pushed and landed right smack dab againt the wooden banister on the steps. Right at first William was very still and in alot of pain. We were trying to figure out if he needed stitches or not. We decided not, and then tried to figure out should we still go on our date? After about an hour William got up and went to go play with grandma's trucks and we decided he was feeling good enough to play- He will be o.k. And he was in good hands. We were planning using a gift card to go to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse, and enjoying a leisurely dinner. But instead of taking the time.....We went on a smaller version of our date and went my ol' favorite standby....Carrabba's Italian Grill. We had a nice time....but a sweet little 3 year old was on our minds.

This was taken last night when we got home. He looks a little too happy to have such a bad cut...doesn't he?

And this picture was taken this morning. There is more swelling, but the cut is healing well.

Isabella had the flu on Wednesday this past week, so I figured someone else would get it too. I just was surprised the 3 youngest got it all on the same day. I am thankful Donovan is home to help and hopefully after the weekend we can be done with the flu. Instead of one getting it and then passing it around for several weeks. And I am thankful for our VCR/DVD player. I ran up town to the library this morning and checked out 324 movies so they will be set until at least Monday.


Anonymous said...

So sorry that you are dealing with sick children! I hope by now they are all doing better! Good for Suzy-still smiling even if she's sick! What a sweetheart! And William can even smile with a bad cut and swollen eye! What amazing children! Get well soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh Heather! What a week you've had. I hope everyone gets healthy soon and that you and Donovan don't get sick. Suzy is so cute I just want to smooch her cheeks. I may need to call CPS on you about William. :) Love ya, Crystal

bobbie said...

Suzi sure is cute!!! She has gotten sooo big!!!
Jack's eye doesn't look so great....glad he can still muster up a little grin!! Hope you are all feeling better soon!!!

heather said...

Crystal: Too late I am sick. Thanks for the well wishes though. And I hope your house gets healthy soon too.

Bobbie: That would be William that has the bad eye...I know what you meant. :) And Suzy's outfit is actually one that you let me borrow even before your little girl could fit into it. Aren't you sweet??!!! She has almost outgrown it's coming your way soon.

Sherri said...

Glad you were still able to have a date. You needed it in preparation for the next day.

I love that restaurant! I remember having a double date with you & Donovan when we both tried it for the first time.

Sorry about the sick kids & injured one. Hope you are feeling better soon as well.

Anonymous said...

i'm feeling your pain!! this flu bug has hit all of us w/ it's own version. we're still trying to rid of it...k really, just how many movies did you get? ;)
...glad somebody got to hit Carrabba's!

Anonymous said...

forgot to ask-
was wondering how you got your coloring on suzy's pic? is it sepia toned? very pretty!

heather said...

Sherri- Thanks for the well wishes! By the way...your cookies are on their way to your house.
I had forgotten all about our first time at my favorite restaurant!!! What good memories....spending Sealed Air's money. :)

Wanita-I used our photo editor to wash out some of the color. I love to play with the color on pictures, I just wish I knew more about it.