Monday, June 11, 2012

Results of Jack's EEG

Pretty cool how Jack got grandma to play video games with him.

Back on April 11th~2 days after we returned from Florida Jack had a Neurologist appointment in Indy.  Donovan was swamped with work after being on vacation~ so his mama went with me for the trip.  Jack LOVES going to these appointments primarily because they have some really cool video games in the waiting room, and well because he loves having all attention focused on him for the day.  It also usually involves some eating out & a movie or 2 in the car  :)

This appointment was some pretty big business in our family because he was having an EEG to determine if he could go off of seizure medication after not having a seizure for 2 years.  If the EEG was normal he was going to be done with taking Lamicital. 

Here the nurse is making marks on his head, measuring the circumference and marking the spots where the probes will go.  She was super nice and Jack was telling her during this picture..."My Mom would love this! She loves her head massaged."

Since it had been 2 years since Jack had had a seizure with only being on a very low dose of medicine...we and the Dr. were very hopeful. 
And I remember feeling very confident that God had healed him. 

I posted this on Facebook the day we left:
{Today I'm takin' Jack to Indy for an EEG to determine if he can be off of seizure meds for GOOD. Three years ago we were given only a 20% chance he would outgrow Epilepsy....And now he's had 2 years & 2 months of NO SEIZURES on a very low dose of meds. Praising God for no seizures & praying he's the 20%. God is good either way the test comes out today! I rest in Him.}

Gluing little probes to his head.

All glued up.  And ready to take a nap while the EEG runs and tells us what's in his pretty little head.

 Here we are waiting for the test results. And then the Dr. called us back.  And said their are still "seizure like" spikes on his test results.  That the first EEG that he had 3 years ago were huge spikes on the report.  These were little spikes.  And 3-5% of people this is their normal EEG.  But because of Jack's history and summer coming up and swimming....she recommends staying on the conservative side of things and putting him back on the medication.  And repeat the EEG in 2 years.
It was like the wind had been knocked out of me. 
And the tears came. 
I thought God had answered this prayer.  I thought we were done with this season.

But we are not.  And looking back on it....I have 5 million things to be thankful for.  So I'm just gonna focus on a couple of these things for now....
*We have insurance to help us with this $900 test.
*Jack HAS been seizure free
*Jack has no side effects from his medicine
*Jack is healthy
God's trying to teach me something through all of this I just know it.  And for one I am getting an education in seizures, neurology, and a different side of medicine.  I hope that I can be more compassionate to others dealing with the same uncertainty that epilepsy brings.

One thing I rest in...I am completely 100% certain that God cares and Jack is completely resting in His hands. 
I'm so blessed to be Jack's mama...he cracks me up every single day and brings so much fun and joy to our lives.