Thursday, October 29, 2009

f a l l

So very very difficult to get 4 little faces looking at the same thing, all smiling...nearly impossible. But we had fun in the leaves anyways!

These little people make our evenings so fun (full but fun!!) I love to hear their laughs and excitement about all the little things.

This was just before we left for a Dr. appointment for Suzy to have her arm rechecked today. Love fall. Love this warm weather. Love the colors, Love this little girl!
Suzy is now cast free! Thankful she has healed and that we can be done with casts!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

hand me a hammer will ya?

Because some of you we go onto our building project updates. I hate to bore you with more constructions pictures...but some relatives would like to see. Now mark my word the closer we get to the completion the less pictures you will see. Because I really expect that you will want to come in person to see the end result of our wild idea to build again. And hopefully you will bring baked treats when you come see the finished product. I'm just sayin'.
The stone was started on Thursday of this last week.

The electrical and plumbing are done, also the insulation is done. A crew came in and did the whole house last week. On Saturday Donovan, the kids and I did the insulated the garage ourselves..saving just a bit of cash. Drywall will be hung on Tuesday and the drywall mudding will start by Wednesday this week.

This is an open concept living room/kitchen. This area on the left will be the living/T.V. room. The windows to the very right will be where the kitchen table will be.
This is the area where the future kitchen will be. The window faces the front yard. The other side of the room will have room for a kitchen table with windows facing the backyard.
In our bedroom....looking in to the bathroom. Closet on the right and bathroom sink, commode, and shower on the left.
The place I can not wait to be the very first night we move in. I am a bath person. In fact I can probably count on one hand the # of showers I have taken in the last year. I know this fact of soaking in your dirt grosses some of you out...but I'm not sure why. I heart bath time so much. In fact most nights when we go to work over at the building site...I sit in the tub (seriously) and dream about the way it will be to have a soaking tub. Not to worry I leave all clothes on.
The back view of the house.
The back patio was also poured in the last couple of weeks. I look forward to hosting all of my blogging friends to a BBQ in the coming how will I know to invite you if you don't comment?? Hmmm...good question!!

This is a bonus room over the garage that will be Suzy and Isabella's room.
The stairs going up to the girls' the right is a small room that will be a home for lockers that Donovan's is building. These lockers will store...hats, backpacks, mittens, coats, boots, etc. To the right of this room would be the stairs going to the basement.

This is not the entire tour....I'm baiting you...if you want to see the rest...well you have to give me a call. :) Tee hee....

Quote of the day:
At supper the other night.
Donovan: "this soup is worthy of every accolade."
Jack: "aren't you being a little dramatic right now?"

Well...well...well...Jack's heard that phrase before...mostly because he seems to be the most dramatic in this family.

cheeseburger trees

Last night we got an email that my favorite uncle in Ohio had suffered chest pain this last week and severe pain yesterday morning. He was taken to the hospital, the Doctors had discovered earlier this week that 3 arteries are close to 100% blocked. He was in the midst of making a decision if he wanted #1 do nothing. Or... #2 Have surgery. Because of the severe pain he experienced yesterday morning and because of his health being a good candidate he is having triple bypass surgery tomorrow.

He is one fun guy! With him...I always pick up right where we left off the last time we talked. This is one guy who doesn't act his age...Uncle Leonard is 89 years old! You'd never know it if you spent any time with him, he seems he is starting his 60's. He loves to harass me and I love to give it back. He also loves to pick on my boys and they love it too. He has a nick names for both of my boys...Jack is "fritz" and William is "shorty." For some reason he leaves the girls be. Jack got his name about 4 years back. This was before I knew what a turd he was. And I would love if he reads this and gives me his feedback on my choice of word for him. :) We had spent the night at my aunt and uncles (before my aunt died) and while she was making eggs and toast we were at the table talking. Uncle Leonard spoke to Jack and said, "Hey fritz will you pass me the butter?" We thought the poor guy was losing his memory, going senile, or maybe starting Alzheimer's....and forgot Jack's name. So Donovan and I looked at each other wondering if we should correct him or not. Donovan did. He said, "well actually Uncle Leonard...our son's name is Jack." He said, "yeah, o.k." So pretty soon he called Jack, "Fritz" again. By this time we are thinking the guy is really going into memory loss here. After the 3rd time he smiled and then we knew this was his game. He had been playing us. Which is great. I can play along. That weekend is when I got to know him in a better way...and have loved trying to get the best of him. I remember my sweet Aunt Wilma on that weekend...apologizing for him and saying, "he just likes to have fun...I hope you aren't offended." Occasionally Aunt Wilma would nudge Uncle Leonard and tell him to ease up on me. I assured Aunt Wilma I could take it and love it! Just thinking of her sweet spirit makes me miss her even more. I sure don't wish her back...I'm sure she is enjoying the sweet presence of Jesus and her of her sisters being my mom, Faye.
After being with Uncle Leonard we spent some time visiting with my cousins. There was a great sitting area for family to use just down the hall from my uncle in the hospital. I love these people. I love connecting with family, it's too far and few between. It was flattering for me that these people take time to read up on us through my blog. They had known about Suzy's fall, our building project, and everything else happening the last few months. My disadvantage is that...I can't keep up with them.

This is Karen and Sharon...twins of my Uncle Leonard and Aunt Wilma. These sweet ladies took the kids down to the gift shop, to the cafeteria for ice cream, and to the play area to burn off some energy. They also got to take turns just pushing elevator buttons to random floors. It's like a dream come true to anyone under the age of 10. How sweet to visit without interruptions.

This is what was happening before their field trip with my twin cousins.........running, hiding and horsing around, and potential for fighting to break out at any given moment.
In one attempt to settle the restless natives....I let the 5 year old loose with the camera. Here is one picture that actually turned out pretty good. A view from the 8th floor of the Toledo Hospital.
One last hurrah before heading back to the cabin of our white mini bus....
What a beautiful day for a road trip. We saw some really pretty sights there and back. So glad we were able to go and spend time with my Uncle and his family. It's far and few between that we take days like this and life is just too short not to make time for your family.

quote of the day:
For lunch we stopped at Burger King today and after inspecting his sandwich...this came from the backseat....
William: "Dad, if I plant these seeds on top of my hamburger bun, will it grow another one?"
Donovan: "You mean another cheeseburger?...William, cheeseburgers don't grown on trees. You've never seen a cheeseburger tree, right?"
William: "NO DAD! Like just the bun...does it grow in a garden? Can I put the seed in a garden and grow a hamburger bun?"

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

all the braces

A couple of months ago...Donovan twisted his ankle. That condition (Peroneal tendonitis) has not healed after 2 months & visits to the Dr. He now wears a brace...hoping to stabilize it enough so that the tendon will heal and he will not have to have surgery.
Last week on Friday...Suzy was showing a little boy I was babysitting her loft bedroom up these stairs....

At first when we moved into this cabin....I required her to tell us when she was coming or going up the ladder so we could help her. We let go of that...because she had been doing well at maneuvering up and down. But on Friday...she came down, like she usually does by herself...and fell all 7 feet onto the wood floor, landing on her little face. Her hand was underneath her. I couldn't believe she didn't bruise her face or injure it more! Praise the Lord for protecting her. She did bleed inside her mouth for a little, cutting some of her gums...but her teeth were still all in place! She nursed that hand for the next 2 hours and would not use it. So we took her in to the Dr. and found out she fractured her wrist.

So now her and daddy have matching braces.

Something she is proud not so much.

She will have this air cast for the next 3-4 weeks. The Dr. chose to do an air cast because when putting a plaster cast on a child this little, after not using the arm for 2 weeks the arm shrivels up so much often the cast will fall off. I was so thankful for this Dr. and her knowledge and the fact we can take this cast off and wash her arm and dress her easily. I am praising GOD for protecting her. It could've been so much worse!

quote of the day:
Suzy: "mommy, girls aren't supposed to spit!"
this may or may not have been she witnessed me.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

moving in....

....the right direction.....

Did you think I was going to say we're moving in?
no no no..silly. But every day we go to see the process and how it's coming along. And it is so hard to leave. I love being there. Love to watch the progress. I'm wondering if we should just pitch a tent? I love camping! Do you think CPS would notice?

Yesterday the well was put in. What a process.

Jon who helped with the framing working on a circular tray ceiling for our bedroom. He did such an awesome job of doing it just like the picture I found in a Better Homes and Gardens. Amazing. It was his first one ever he had done.
The windows are now in...the framing is done and the heating and cooling were started today. Electrical and doors tomorrow. I think by the weekend we should be ready to pack it up and move over.

quote of the day:
after school Jack: "I bet since it was raining they couldn't work on the house, could they mom?"
me: "yes, actually they did Jack!"
Jack: "what did they do? Didn't their shoes get all muddy?"

O.k. didn't make the quote of the day for the humor, just for his sweetness.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

healing of Jack

Two months ago to this very day (August 3rd) we were spending the evening in the hospital. And also the next 2 days and nights.
If you follow this blog you know we were in the hospital with our son, Jack who had 2 unexplained seizures. You can read about it on this post.

I am praising God in the Anniversary of that very scary day...that there has been NO more seizures. He has had a very normal past 2 months. Although so much changed in our days and nights with fear on my part and learning to let go. Learning to let God be God. Learning that I have no control over my future or Jack's. Although balancing that with the way things have changed for the care of Jack. Such as he can not be by himself in the bath or go to the bathroom at school with out a buddy to go with him. Also the Dr. recommended keeping a rear-view mirror on him while driving in the van. Just to be able to check on him. Jack is also still on seizure medicine, that he takes morning and night. Just a small dose. I am thankful he has adjusted to this medicine well and we see very little side effects.

For those first few days when we came home from the hospital I remember wanting to check on his every move every 10 minutes or so. I remember one of my favorite nurses that we had while in the hospital telling us when she discharged us that I would feel like that. Nervous and wanting and feeling like I need to check on him. The nurse told me to go ahead and check, it will reassure my mind that he is o.k. and put my soul at ease. Each day got easier and as the weeks pass...I find myself letting go. Letting go of the fear.

Letting him go off to school, and letting the fear that held me...go. God is so much bigger than this. He can handle it way better than I.
Thank you for your prayers on Jack's behalf. I feel God's blessing on him. Watching him grow a little more each day into the man God wants him to be. Letting him be independent.

quote of the day:
Today when we took our Amish cabinet maker to our new house to draw out the cabinets on the floor.

Suzy: "Where are we going daddy?"
Dad: "To go pick up Amos"
Suzy: "Why daddy?"
Dad: "Because he doesn't have a car to drive himself"
Suzy: (in disgust) "Who took his car???"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

made in china

On the very perfect of mornings....

we get up and out early. Right after the kids head off to school. There are some amazing views around the lake.

On this day a couple of weeks ago...I still hadn't unpacked I grabbed a sweater of mine to wrap around Suzy on our walk.

There are so many health benefits to walking. For one is a great stress reliever, good for your heart, and of course helps with weight, and so many more great benefits. Why don't I just make it part of every day? I let everything crowd out what I need to do.

I'm making more of an effort to work this into every day. Especially with great views like we have around here.
After we got back...Suzy and I worked on 2 pies for supper. Something we never do. In fact when the kids came home from school they wondered who was coming over since they saw pies. It was just a little treat for these people I love.

Love love love all her little silly faces. Suzy is so into "helping" in the kitchen right now. One thing she loves to do is "wash" dishes. "Wash" because really how clean can a 3 year old get them? But it keeps her entertained and happy. I quickly rewash them when she's not looking.:)

I'm loving fall...loving the change of seasons. How about you?

Quote of the day comes from when I was helping in Williams class on Tuesday.....
I was sitting at a table with 3 little kindergartners.

Me: "your name is Lexi, right?"
little girl: "no, my name is Kaitlyn. People always get me and Lexi mixed up because we both were made from China."