Sunday, October 25, 2009

hand me a hammer will ya?

Because some of you we go onto our building project updates. I hate to bore you with more constructions pictures...but some relatives would like to see. Now mark my word the closer we get to the completion the less pictures you will see. Because I really expect that you will want to come in person to see the end result of our wild idea to build again. And hopefully you will bring baked treats when you come see the finished product. I'm just sayin'.
The stone was started on Thursday of this last week.

The electrical and plumbing are done, also the insulation is done. A crew came in and did the whole house last week. On Saturday Donovan, the kids and I did the insulated the garage ourselves..saving just a bit of cash. Drywall will be hung on Tuesday and the drywall mudding will start by Wednesday this week.

This is an open concept living room/kitchen. This area on the left will be the living/T.V. room. The windows to the very right will be where the kitchen table will be.
This is the area where the future kitchen will be. The window faces the front yard. The other side of the room will have room for a kitchen table with windows facing the backyard.
In our bedroom....looking in to the bathroom. Closet on the right and bathroom sink, commode, and shower on the left.
The place I can not wait to be the very first night we move in. I am a bath person. In fact I can probably count on one hand the # of showers I have taken in the last year. I know this fact of soaking in your dirt grosses some of you out...but I'm not sure why. I heart bath time so much. In fact most nights when we go to work over at the building site...I sit in the tub (seriously) and dream about the way it will be to have a soaking tub. Not to worry I leave all clothes on.
The back view of the house.
The back patio was also poured in the last couple of weeks. I look forward to hosting all of my blogging friends to a BBQ in the coming how will I know to invite you if you don't comment?? Hmmm...good question!!

This is a bonus room over the garage that will be Suzy and Isabella's room.
The stairs going up to the girls' the right is a small room that will be a home for lockers that Donovan's is building. These lockers will store...hats, backpacks, mittens, coats, boots, etc. To the right of this room would be the stairs going to the basement.

This is not the entire tour....I'm baiting you...if you want to see the rest...well you have to give me a call. :) Tee hee....

Quote of the day:
At supper the other night.
Donovan: "this soup is worthy of every accolade."
Jack: "aren't you being a little dramatic right now?"

Well...well...well...Jack's heard that phrase before...mostly because he seems to be the most dramatic in this family.


Holly said...

Nice layout! I can't wait to see it!

Deb said...

Oh, the baiting is SO not fair for those of us who live too far away to see it in person. Keep on posting!

Cottonista said...

Looking great!

Erin said...

Heather-I really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your new home. It is coming along nicely.

Beth said...

I can't believe how fast it seems to be going! (Okay, maybe fast for me, because, well, I'm not waiting to move into it:-D ) Keep the pictures coming!

Mary said...

It's going to be gorgeous. I can tell already. I know I don't live close but I expect an invitation to barbecue none the less. I might just show up.

Nicole said...

oh your house is looking so awesome! I am sure you cannot wait! And I agree with you on the bathtub, that looks wonderful!

Jen Bontrager said...

Hey, Stranger! Your house looks great! I will definitely come over and bring baked goods. I think it's great that you guys have been so involved with the whole process. What great memories for you and your kiddos! See ya soon (hopefully)!

Jenn said...

Not fair at all! Some of us would LOVE to see the house in person and even bring you some bubble bath for your dirty water bath (yes I'm one of those people), but we can't. How about you do a post just for us. The others won't look...I promise! :)

Grandma Ruby said...

Just to reassure you that soap encapsulates the dirt molecules and makes them powerless to stick to your body when you are soaking. Even better, add some Basic-H to your bath water--clean your body and your tub at the same time! (That was free.) I love baths, too. Aunt Ruby

sherri said...

I can so relate with your love of baths. I don't even remember the last time I had a shower. =)

The house is coming along beautifully!