Thursday, October 29, 2009

f a l l

So very very difficult to get 4 little faces looking at the same thing, all smiling...nearly impossible. But we had fun in the leaves anyways!

These little people make our evenings so fun (full but fun!!) I love to hear their laughs and excitement about all the little things.

This was just before we left for a Dr. appointment for Suzy to have her arm rechecked today. Love fall. Love this warm weather. Love the colors, Love this little girl!
Suzy is now cast free! Thankful she has healed and that we can be done with casts!


Bobbie said...

LOVE your new fall photos!!!!
HAPPY for Suzi to be cast free!!!!
JEALOUS that I didn't have lasagna for dinner!!!!
SORRY that we have not talked in like forever!!!
THANKFUL that I have YOU for a friend!!!!!!!
Love ya!!!

Holly said...

Love the fall pictures! They turned out fabulous!

Mary said...

You certainly have a great eye for pictures. I know getting three faces to smile or even look at the camera is a challenge. I commend your efforts...they are gorgeous.

sherri said...

Very sweet fall pictures! I did notice that Suzy was brace-free when I saw her last Wed...just forgot to ask about it. Thanks again for meeting me. Great to see you!