Wednesday, August 25, 2010

honey do list (2 of 3)

Saw this in my favorite magazine...and thought "my honey could so do that." He's got an eye for detail, and lots of ambition. So when we started building we did some switching around. What was on the plan as a very small laundry room we turned into a mud room. Specifically for coats, hats, boots, backpacks, lunch boxes, and the amazing amount of shoes this family has.
During the building process....

Taken last winter as the kids got ready for school.

Tonight after some serious cleaning & straightening. The room is so small I couldn't get the right angle to get a picture of all 4 lockers, but they fit just snug in between the walls. Here is 3 of the 4. The brown bins on the top hold hats & mittens, and other misc items. The crate on the bottom is for shoes.

Originally we thought that a combined cubical for Donovan & I could be in the corner~since space didn't allow for 5 across the back wall. But sNaP! if we forgot the heating/cooling guys needed almost the whole corner part of the room for the duct work. So rather than hooks & a bench...handy Manny turned it into all shelves. Which does work well for a charging station for cell phones, mail slots, storage bins holding hats, mittens, and other misc junk I have no idea what to do with.

And then hooks on the side of the wall, and behind the door for purses & coats.
Now just one question...If you look at the first picture out of the magazine, does anyone know where you can get labels like that to label the lockers? It looks like a metal piece that has a paper that slides into it.
Loving this room. Thankful for it just about every day. Love to see those backpacks lined up~and a place where all that necessary outside gear can go.
Quote of the day:
First day Donovan went back to work after being on medical leave.
William: "I always want to be with daddy because he's the nicest one. That way we don't have to do any jobs."

Friday, August 20, 2010

back to school

Yesterday school started for our kids. Everyone was pretty excited, except for one.
We got up extra early and met some friends at Essenhaus for breakfast...

and at least then~I got a little smile from Jack.

I am in love with Jack's teacher. She is super upbeat~energetic, and a great sense of humor. I like already how she relates to Jack and to me as his mom.
She is a good listener & loves to teach 3rd grade.

I was glad Jack's best friend was in his class this year~it gave him something to look forward too. I was also glad Andrew was waiting for Jack when we arrived. Jack needed a little pick me up~if you can't tell from the picture he was a little nervous.

Hardest thing ever to leave my guy there with his fears and nervous tummy. Hated for his friends to see his tears~
But after I dropped William off to his class and walked back by~peeked in to see Jack all better and having fun.
So happy to be on the 2nd day of school and to see him walk out the door this morning very happy and excited about going back.

Another great bonus this year was getting Andrew's dad as William's teacher. He teaches 1st grade~and with play dates and overnights between Jack & Andrew this past year we learned to know & appreciate Andrew's parents. I can tell William is super excited to have a male teacher and someone who he knows.

What a guy!!! He came home from school saying that school was kinda boring. He didn't even get to do any work on the first day. Ha ha ha...I'm sure we won't hear that complaint in about 5 years.

And no pictures of the big 5th grader with her teacher. She asked me not to ~which was fine. This mama understands she's getting older. So dropped off at the door & off I drove. Glad there was a back to school night on Wednesday this week so I could at least meet her teacher. She seems like a great lady who loves her job. Which I am thankful for. Isabella also has a best friend in her class this year~which she was in class with last year. Thankful X 2!!
The worst part of the day? After dropping the boys off at their school, and then dropping off Isabella at her big school...the little lady in the backseat was softly crying. I heard sniffles and asked her what was wrong, "She just wanted Isabella to stay with her for the day." Big ol' crocodile tears streaming down. sad. Couldn't believe it, I didn't think what an impact them going back to school would have on her.
It didn't last long though. We had a little talk and before I knew it there was a big smile & she was excited for it to be me and her.
Quote of the day:
Jack: "Isabella, why don't you fart at random times of the day? Come ON, JUST DO IT."

Monday, August 16, 2010

honey do list (1 of 3)

So...I've decided to have a series of posts devoted to completed projects around the house. Not necessarly all of them that I have done...but gently encouraged ( or kicked in the rear-however you want to say it) Mr. G. to do. :) Tee hee.

For many years we had this Strawberry Shortcake Growth Chart that came free with a pair of shoes I bought for Isabella. It was this cheap little paper chart we taped up and reminded ourselves this was just "temperary" That turned into like 8 years. When we moved we carefully took it down, and have it neatly tucked in a box...somewhere.

When I was looking for a more perment solution...I found this at Pottery Barn Kids. Which I love~but HELLO??? $60????? So we were brain storming ways we could simplify it and copy it. D bought a thin sheet of plywood, but it only came in like 4 ft. sections. We were trying to figure out how to make this, and how we would hang it.

Then brilliant man...came up with the idea, instead of using glue, or nails....he should do it in sharpie marker right on the door~marking the inside of the door of a closet in our hallway. He took the door off the hinges....used his anal skills to get perfect lines and stencil looking numbers.....and wah lah~


WHAT??? AM I GROWING??? I "thought" I was 5 ft. 6 in. Found out I'm actually 5 ft. 7 in.!

We'll just see what happens over the next 10 years to ol' mom and pop.

Now if I could just figure out where I packed that Strawberry Shortcake Growth chart to transfer all the growth from the last 10 years.
Quote of the day:
While riding in the van....
Jack: "what can we do, I'm bored!" (a clue~he would like to watch a movie)
Donovan: "When mom and I were kids we didn't have DVD's in the car. We just looked out the window.
Jack: "yeah, well you had record players."
Donovan: "You couldn't take those in the car you goober shine."

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

poo on the zoo

Back on July 5th....this little baby of ours turned 4!! What?? Are you kidding me? How did that go so quick?
Her sibblings were just excited as her about her gift, I think.

We made cupcakes for her to take to Sunday School the day before and took one left over cupcake on her birthday morning, stuck 4 candles in it and quick sang a Happy Birthday and loaded up in the car.

Ended up here for little Suzy's birthday.

I would like to paint a nice family portrait about families going to zoo's. But here's the truth...not into it. I'm so over zoo's. I had seen Lincoln Park Zoo's pictures on friends facebooks...and thought, "Hmmm...that looks like fun. And it's FREE." I love free. So I'm not sure what did me in..was it the 92 degree weather? Was it pushing Donovan up and down hilly terrain all day? Was it animals that were too hot to come out of their protected environments? Or was it the animals we did see that were mostly laying around napping?

Sorry to be negative nelly. I just can't see the fun in zoo's. Now it did have it's moments....I will admit. I did catch some of those on camera...

Like the sleeping black leopard we saw. That was kinda fun.

Also liked the giraffe we saw from a distance.

The hippo was kinda cool, with colorful fish swimming on the other side of the glass.

However~the most anticipated exhibit was the white polar bear. Who....was MIA. We waited and waited. But no bear. Must have been on vacation.

Another highlight was when our 8 year old refused to share a drink with us. At $3.50 we bought 2 and shared...but "someone" didn't want to share and decided to pout instead. LOVELY.

After the zoo...we decided to go down to Michigan Ave. for just a bit. Suzy had been to the American Girl store, as a baby...but didn't remember it. She was in all her glory. Loved it. Loved that she loved just being there and looking. No begging. Just looking and having fun.
Also made a stop by the Lego store...which was fun for all 4!
The entire day she was just a little pumpkin. Loved celebrating her. Despite my dislike of zoo's.
Happy 4th Birthday Suzanna Faye. You are sunshine to my life.
Quote of the day:
Suzy: "Mom, Isabella's not obeying. She's still reading."
(I told her to turn off the light in the car and stop reading.)
Me: "I know what shall we do with her?"
Suzy: "Put her in the recycling."

Monday, August 2, 2010

little get away

This past weekend we spent some time in Chicago. Went with some friends to celebrate a birthday girl. It has been a while since we've left all 4 kids~it was a very relaxing and fun to be together with Rob & Marlys. Loved getting dressed up and experiencing dinner~ something not often done in the craziness of 6 around our table at home.
Started at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner~a first for the Pletchers. It did not disappoint. After dinner we checked into our hotel~

The next morning we ate a quick breakfast and headed for Ikea. A first for Rob.

Also stopped the mall. Did some shopping, & some people watching.

Also ran into Marlys' twin at the hotel lobby.

After some shopping we headed back to the hotel for a little swimming and hot tubbing, then made it for an 8:30 dinner reservation at Maggiano's Little Italy. This was a recommendation by a friend...and WOW! It was awesome. Sorry Carrabba's you may have to be in 2nd place in my heart now. We sat out on the patio~and enjoyed some delicious Italian...talking & laughing. Perfect summer night in my book.

The next morning we packed up and headed out. Stopping by the mall for one quick stop, or long depending if you were the men waiting in the car~

And then visited a favorite breakfast spot~ Egg' Clectic Cafe. Yummo. A must have to stop kinda place if your in the area.

Very thankful for these friendships. Thankful for our friends back home who took care of our kids for us. Thanks Ed & Julie for taking the girls and thanks Ben & Jen for taking the boys. It was such a treat for us!
Quote of the day:
Jack: "Mom, today can we go to Meijer? And can you spare me $40?"