Monday, August 2, 2010

little get away

This past weekend we spent some time in Chicago. Went with some friends to celebrate a birthday girl. It has been a while since we've left all 4 kids~it was a very relaxing and fun to be together with Rob & Marlys. Loved getting dressed up and experiencing dinner~ something not often done in the craziness of 6 around our table at home.
Started at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner~a first for the Pletchers. It did not disappoint. After dinner we checked into our hotel~

The next morning we ate a quick breakfast and headed for Ikea. A first for Rob.

Also stopped the mall. Did some shopping, & some people watching.

Also ran into Marlys' twin at the hotel lobby.

After some shopping we headed back to the hotel for a little swimming and hot tubbing, then made it for an 8:30 dinner reservation at Maggiano's Little Italy. This was a recommendation by a friend...and WOW! It was awesome. Sorry Carrabba's you may have to be in 2nd place in my heart now. We sat out on the patio~and enjoyed some delicious Italian...talking & laughing. Perfect summer night in my book.

The next morning we packed up and headed out. Stopping by the mall for one quick stop, or long depending if you were the men waiting in the car~

And then visited a favorite breakfast spot~ Egg' Clectic Cafe. Yummo. A must have to stop kinda place if your in the area.

Very thankful for these friendships. Thankful for our friends back home who took care of our kids for us. Thanks Ed & Julie for taking the girls and thanks Ben & Jen for taking the boys. It was such a treat for us!
Quote of the day:
Jack: "Mom, today can we go to Meijer? And can you spare me $40?"


Erin said...

Heather-It looks like you guys had a great trip to Chicago. You hit most of my favorite places along the way.

Marlys said...

Precious memories, how they linger, how they ever flood my soul!!!! What a great time. However, I see that not all the pictures made it on the blog. hehe. So thankful for our friendship! Love you lots!!

laylablue said...

thrilled to find you! we visit chicago about once a year and are always open to new places to discover. thanks!

Mary said...

That looks/sounds so wonderful! What a treat for you guys.