Wednesday, August 25, 2010

honey do list (2 of 3)

Saw this in my favorite magazine...and thought "my honey could so do that." He's got an eye for detail, and lots of ambition. So when we started building we did some switching around. What was on the plan as a very small laundry room we turned into a mud room. Specifically for coats, hats, boots, backpacks, lunch boxes, and the amazing amount of shoes this family has.
During the building process....

Taken last winter as the kids got ready for school.

Tonight after some serious cleaning & straightening. The room is so small I couldn't get the right angle to get a picture of all 4 lockers, but they fit just snug in between the walls. Here is 3 of the 4. The brown bins on the top hold hats & mittens, and other misc items. The crate on the bottom is for shoes.

Originally we thought that a combined cubical for Donovan & I could be in the corner~since space didn't allow for 5 across the back wall. But sNaP! if we forgot the heating/cooling guys needed almost the whole corner part of the room for the duct work. So rather than hooks & a bench...handy Manny turned it into all shelves. Which does work well for a charging station for cell phones, mail slots, storage bins holding hats, mittens, and other misc junk I have no idea what to do with.

And then hooks on the side of the wall, and behind the door for purses & coats.
Now just one question...If you look at the first picture out of the magazine, does anyone know where you can get labels like that to label the lockers? It looks like a metal piece that has a paper that slides into it.
Loving this room. Thankful for it just about every day. Love to see those backpacks lined up~and a place where all that necessary outside gear can go.
Quote of the day:
First day Donovan went back to work after being on medical leave.
William: "I always want to be with daddy because he's the nicest one. That way we don't have to do any jobs."


Jenn said...

We have some of those label brackets in our laundry room. I ordered them off ebay. :)

Mary said...

That looks soooooo good. Way to make the most of the space.

My Life said...

Love love love, if only I could do that for all five kids we looks so organized. Where did you get the metal crates at the bottom? Love those. I love mixing up textures. Love it. I am getting so many ideas, only my husband isn't as motivated to build things as yours is, but I know he could do it. What did you use to bribe him? looks better then pottery barn.Oh we have the same purse, the grey one from old navy....we have such similar tastes. Ha ha.

Anonymous said...

Those labels/brackets were available in the scrapbooking section of Target.

sherri said...

I love the organization that this beautiful room adds to a busy family like yours. Once again, Donovan did a great job!!