Friday, August 20, 2010

back to school

Yesterday school started for our kids. Everyone was pretty excited, except for one.
We got up extra early and met some friends at Essenhaus for breakfast...

and at least then~I got a little smile from Jack.

I am in love with Jack's teacher. She is super upbeat~energetic, and a great sense of humor. I like already how she relates to Jack and to me as his mom.
She is a good listener & loves to teach 3rd grade.

I was glad Jack's best friend was in his class this year~it gave him something to look forward too. I was also glad Andrew was waiting for Jack when we arrived. Jack needed a little pick me up~if you can't tell from the picture he was a little nervous.

Hardest thing ever to leave my guy there with his fears and nervous tummy. Hated for his friends to see his tears~
But after I dropped William off to his class and walked back by~peeked in to see Jack all better and having fun.
So happy to be on the 2nd day of school and to see him walk out the door this morning very happy and excited about going back.

Another great bonus this year was getting Andrew's dad as William's teacher. He teaches 1st grade~and with play dates and overnights between Jack & Andrew this past year we learned to know & appreciate Andrew's parents. I can tell William is super excited to have a male teacher and someone who he knows.

What a guy!!! He came home from school saying that school was kinda boring. He didn't even get to do any work on the first day. Ha ha ha...I'm sure we won't hear that complaint in about 5 years.

And no pictures of the big 5th grader with her teacher. She asked me not to ~which was fine. This mama understands she's getting older. So dropped off at the door & off I drove. Glad there was a back to school night on Wednesday this week so I could at least meet her teacher. She seems like a great lady who loves her job. Which I am thankful for. Isabella also has a best friend in her class this year~which she was in class with last year. Thankful X 2!!
The worst part of the day? After dropping the boys off at their school, and then dropping off Isabella at her big school...the little lady in the backseat was softly crying. I heard sniffles and asked her what was wrong, "She just wanted Isabella to stay with her for the day." Big ol' crocodile tears streaming down. sad. Couldn't believe it, I didn't think what an impact them going back to school would have on her.
It didn't last long though. We had a little talk and before I knew it there was a big smile & she was excited for it to be me and her.
Quote of the day:
Jack: "Isabella, why don't you fart at random times of the day? Come ON, JUST DO IT."


sherri said...

That look on Suzy's oh my. What a sweetie who loves her sister so much!

Glad Jack is feeling better about school on the 2nd day. :)

Darla said...

Jack has a wonderful teacher. I always had a lot of respect for Mrs. Stout when I taught there. Who does Isabella have? I hope they all have a great year. We should get together sometime.


heather said...

Darla~Nice to hear from you :) Isabella has Mrs. Hawn. Very impressed with all the teachers this year!!! I would love to get together with you. <3

Jewel said...

The 1st picture I just had to chuckle b/c the 1st thing I noticed is that you guys made a "mountain." Like how the boys have matching shirts. Poor precious!

Mary said...

Oh...Jack just broke my heart in those pictures. I can imagine the weight that must have felt like leaving him there. And what a relief for him to enjoy it after all. "

Cottonista said...

Poor little Suzy! That picture makes me sad. Helen has been feeling a little the same way since her big brother has started school. Today when he came home, she told him it was "kind of weird" without him there.