Tuesday, January 27, 2009

dick, jane, and the baby

I thought the Grandparent's, Aunt's and Uncle's (and maybe the rest of you) would like to see our newest reading member of the family. William just learned to read yesterday. He's like a sponge he absorbs it so quickly. William wants to learn more and more every time we sit down, so fun to have an eager student. Now if I could get him to read a recipe book, he could start making dinner every night.

Quote of the day:

During supper last night.

Isabella: "Dad, William is spitting on me."

Dad: "William stop spitting on your sister. That's not polite."

William: "tattle teller ISABELLA!"

William- a few seconds later: "Dad, I'm not going to say your cool anymore."

Saturday, January 24, 2009


So serious about not enjoying having her picture taken. She must feel how I feel about my camera right now.

At the beginning of December we sent our camera, that was still under warranty into the repair shop to fix the broken flash. We got it back and it was taking pictures with lines through them. So we sent it in again. We got it back the second time...same thing only worse was happening. So we sent it back again. They sent us a new camera replacement.

It came yesterday. Brand new, and an upgrade from our old camera. 7.1 megapixels! And guess what? The flash doesn't work. Is this some kind of joke? Really?
So we are back to the camera that we are borrowing from friends/cousins. Thanks Jen!
Anyways.....on Friday, Donovan and I went to Isabella's school for a spelling bee she was in.
She is such a shy girl I was surprised she even could get up in front of all of her classmates let alone school and participate. I held my breath as she walked up to the microphone the first time. And she did it. She really got up there and seemed very confident. She told me later she had butterflies and was very nervous.
And guess what? She won. She won the spelling bee for her school. Here she is with her amazing principal Mrs. Buller.
I'm so excited for her. I'm so excited she overcame her fear and could get up there on that stage. I'm so excited she got her spelling ability from her daddy. Because really I am at best a 2nd grade level speller. Thank goodness for spell check!
Quote of the day:
I got nothin'.
Well nothing appropriate.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

thinking pink

On Monday I went along with Isabella on a field trip.
In the morning she came into my bed, like she does every morning and wrapped her legs and arms around me. I love this time. I wish we could stay like that for an hour. She is so sweet and snugly I just love it! So on Monday, field trip day she asked me..."mom, what are you wearing today?" I told her and she asked if she could match me. Well isn't that the bomb? Some of you may think that is dorky. But I take it as a compliment, I just love it!
We went to a local historical museum and it was very interesting. What made it even more fun was my friend Kim came along with her daughter, JD, who is also in Isabella's class. Just playin' her real name isn't JD...but you see these 3 little friends at school have come up with nick names for each other. It is as follows:
JD= Jadyn
Court Court=Courtney
I double hate Isabella's nick name. With a passion. When Isabella was born my older sister would tease and call her Izzy. Which I hated. I threatened all sorts of things to stop the "Izzy" name calling. But she just kept going. She loves to get me fired up. :) Finally after about 2 years my sister laid off and quit with the "Izzy" I'm sure she came up with something new to get under my skin. In a nice, loving kind of way I'm sure. Anyways when Isabella came home and told me what her friends came up with I was dumbfounded. How could this happen??? I worked so hard to nip that in the rear early on. I love the nick name Ella, which we call her at home. I'll even accept Bella. But the Izzy has to stop. So with her friends on the field trip I tried to re-name her nick name. But the best I got was, "O.k. how about we call her her fizzy izzy?" I'm gonna have to take candy in next time to those 2 little girls! However, despite my dislike......Isabella doesn't mind the nickname at all. Oh brother. Looks like I've got more brain washing to do. So sorry I didn't get pictures of those 3 girls together.

How fun to be around Isabella. She loves to be held and cuddled still. I HEART it so very much. I know my days are numbered, before she will not be so happy to have me holding her in her classroom.

And here is my other little pet.....

These days her favorite thing to do is to go get boots and a hat on. Which is why they are all laying around the house most of the day. She puts them on and randomly takes them off at bizarre places. Then goes and gets someone's shoes and hat and so the game goes.
Suzanna has also enjoyed her brothers Christmas presents they got from my cousin, Jon.

I like how she added the barbies to the cab seat.

I so love having girls. They make me remember my childhood. Well except for the tractor part. I had 2 sisters growing up and then my after my mom died, my dad remarried and had another daughter. So we had no tractors, cars, or morning to night talk of farting. But I love all 4 of my kids. I'm sure I missed out on some really cool things with having no brothers. I remind Isabella of this when her brothers annoy her.

I also love how they love each other. Isabella adores Suzanna. She loves to squeeze her and kiss her. The boys I think will take a couple of years before they do this kind of hugging on their own. :)

Quote of the day
(and no I don't make this stuff up)
William: "Daddy I don't like Jack's snoring-because it's scary and it sounds like a pig and it sounds like war."

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

how we celebrated 11 years

So over the weekend we went to celebrate our 11th anniversary. We decided to go to Ft. Wayne. There's always so much to do there and it seems like when we are there, we don't get everything done that I think would be so cool to do. Saturday we dropped the kids off at my friend, Marlys' house and I couldn't help but feel just a little overwhelmed for her. She has 2 of her own and then she offered to keep our kids overnight. Her children are 3 and 5....ours our 2,4,6,and 8. So really she had her hands full. And you know what she told me when we left? "Take your time and don't rush back." She said it twice! So I knew she meant it. What a special gift to give, the gift of childcare. Overnight. With the words, "take your time".
Our first stop was a resale shop that I wanted to check out. They are in between seasons so it was hard to find anything we were looking specifically for. But wow, so fun to stop in and shop without the worry of time, or children. We also stopped over at Old Navy. Loved the 50% off winter clothes. It came in handy for jeans that our children keep wearing holes in the knees!!! Then we checked into our hotel and headed over to find the Cinema Grill. A movie theatre that serves dinner while you watch a movie. We purchased our tickets...and snap we had 45 minutes to wait. Well that was totally perfect because right next to the Cinema Grill was Target. And I heart Target so very much. How fun to look through the isles with again no one winning to go to the toy isle, crying, or needing to go potty. Love the kids, don't get me wrong. But wow, loved the break from the day to day. My favorite part of the Target stop was jeans I found for Isabella for $3.94! WOW! Again I heart Target! So after our shopping trip we headed back to the movie theatre and watched this. I'm not a huge fan of Jim Carrey but Donovan is. So he got Jim. I got Target. We were both happy.
After the movie we were feeling pretty footloose and fancy free so we headed across town to Krispie Kream.

We each got a donut and shared a mocha. Then the man handed us valentines that were each good for a free donut. Actually, he handed us about 10 of those valentines. No strings attached, except one free donut/per person. So we each got a free donut after we finished the ones we had just bought.
See how happy I am about free?? Or is the happiness from being on a date? Or knowing I can stay up as late as I want and sleep in? Or is it the aroma of the fresh, yummy donuts?
Then we headed back to the hotel. Funny thing about the hotel was I was so excited that our hotel had a fireplace in the room. We looked closer and realized it was a real fireplace that required real wood. Even more perfect. So we went to the front desk to inquire. Well snap! $2.50 for wood. I can't believe it. They had us, we forgot to pack firewood. But we slapped down the big bucks, because we wanted to be "livin' the dream." So we went back and started the fire. Among other things. I know this would be a perfect picture opportunity...but shoot...forgot to take any pictures. I'll move onto the next morning.
We slept in. Slept in until 9:30!! How delicious. How very, very delicious. We packed up and got ready and just about missed the complimentary hot breakfast. Thankfully we made it with 10 minutes to spare.
Then we headed over to the mall for some shopping. I love the Glenbrook Mall. Love it. I was specifically looking for a dress for a wedding and well just to have a nice dress for church. How exciting to have time to try dresses on and to look around, and a husband willing to spend a little cash on his wife. We also got to spend a gift card while there and pick up some more jeans for the kids.
Yes, we are the dorks taking pictures at the mall. We were not locals- so we swallowed our pride and took a picture to make the memory of that day. SO FUN!
After the mall we headed to some other stores to take back a return, and then headed out to lunch. We called to check on the kids, of course they were fine. Again Marlys told us to not rush back. What a treat. WOW!
After lunch we redeemed 2 more coupons/valentines for free donuts. :) And then started home. What an awesome 2 days spent with the one I love.

Quote of the day:
Such a long quote, but too cute not to share.
Last night at dinner. Talking about praying so fast before dinner.
Donovan: "Jack do you think that God can understand you when you talk so fast? Do you think other people can understand you?"
Jack: "How can God hear through the house walls?"
William: "Because God is in your tummy. I mean your heart"
Jack:"How can he fit in there?"
William: "He cuts off His head and ducks in."

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

still tired.

A recap of my yesterday....
Get Isabella and Jack up and ready for school.
Wash, blow dry and straighten hair.
Get myself, Suzy and William dressed.
Take Suzy and William to Grandma's house.
Pick Isabella up from school because her expander came off on the left side of her mouth.
Go to Ekhart to the orthodontist, and watch him pull the expander off completely.
Hold Isabella's hand while we wait for her gums to stop bleeding from the expander coming out.
Watch the expander go back in and get queasy from all the pain Isabella has.
Buy Isabella frosty for her poor, poor, sore mouth.
Go to Meijer and pick up food for bridal shower I'm helping with.
Go to Bath & Body Works to pick up prizes for games for the shower I'm helping with.
Take Isabella back to school and sign her back in.
Pick up Suzy and William from Grandmas.
Enjoy a short visit with MIL.
Get Suzy down for nap.
Clean up breakfast from the morning.
Help kids with school papers & get them snack.
Start supper.
Greet husband home from work and eat supper with family.
Make Stuffed French Toast Strata for breakfast for the next morning's breakfast. (soaks overnight.)
Pack lunches for Isabella, Jack and hubby for the next day.
Go to church to help set up for bridal shower.
Clean up bridal shower.
Come home and lay out clothes for kids for the next day for school.
Take bath and medication for migraine that is starting.
Fall into bed and fall asleep as soon as husband stops talking.

Quote of the day:
from a anonymous person yesterday
"I didn't have time to sit around all day like you."
me: no comment-only steam rolls from head.

Picture of expander in Isabella's mouth. For all who are interested. Used to expand her upper jaw and make room for all those crowded teeth.

Friday, January 2, 2009

11 years....Yeah, It seems that long.

January 3rd marks 11 years of wedded bliss. And really it seems like that long! Because I can't imagine life without him. I can hardly remember how it was to know him in a dating kind of relationship. I have no idea how it was when we didn't have kids. Sleeping in every Saturdays???? Getting only yourself ready in the morning? Making meals for 2? Seems like a 100 years ago. I look forward to the next season of our life, living past the diaper and getting up at night stages....moving into everyone going to school. More parent/teacher conferences. Our first teenager coming up in 4 1/2 years. Watching our Suzy go to Kindergarten. Anticipating Jack in braces in the years to come. Wondeirng how William will adjust to going to school. Watching in wonder as they all grow up so fast. Loving the ride of my life with my best friend, my husband. Who understands me in such a complete way. When we fight, he's learning to give me space. Until I come around to wanting to talk. I'm learning to admit I'm wrong. Which is very painful to be honest.

This morning I was telling our oldest, Isabella about what I was doing 11 years ago today. How I was decorating & getting ready for our candlelit wedding coming the very next night. And after our wedding how we flew to Ixtapa, Mexico for our honeymoon. I was reminiscing of our hotel tucked into this authentic part of Mexico with the most amazing service. A swim up bar that served vanilla bean ice cream with flecks of vanilla beans harvested right there in their town. It was so amazing. After ice cream, then laying in the sun. While laying by the pool the hotel staff had little Mexican girls bring cold wash clothes scented with flowers and arranged beautifully on a platter with fresh cut pink little flowers....Just to cool us off.

The weather was so perfect that week. It was an amazing memory of getting to know my new husband in a new way. Go to the open market. Watching Donovan para sailing, thinking he will probably crash, & I might have to fly home from our honeymoon by myself. Sleeping as late as we wanted, eating out every single day. Finding new restaurants and trying to order with knowing very little Spanish, in a town that knew very little English.

What a memory! I hope someday we can revisit Ixtapa. Until then I live with the memory, and realize how very much we've been blessed. I feel God's hand in this family. I'm so very thankful for all these things that I don't deserve. All these things God orchestrated with his wisdom. Giving me things at times in my life when I had no idea of his whole plan for my life. Dealing me things that I was devastated by, later learning a lesson in God's perfect ways. Sometimes this took a year to see - sometimes several years. WOW is all I have to say. God has been so gracious to me.

I'm so thankful for Donovan, my husband and best friend.

Quote of the day:

Suzy (the 2 year old) : "Daddy, you have big ears?"

Dad: "yeah, I do."

Suzy: "I like your big ears daddy."