Thursday, January 15, 2009

thinking pink

On Monday I went along with Isabella on a field trip.
In the morning she came into my bed, like she does every morning and wrapped her legs and arms around me. I love this time. I wish we could stay like that for an hour. She is so sweet and snugly I just love it! So on Monday, field trip day she asked me..."mom, what are you wearing today?" I told her and she asked if she could match me. Well isn't that the bomb? Some of you may think that is dorky. But I take it as a compliment, I just love it!
We went to a local historical museum and it was very interesting. What made it even more fun was my friend Kim came along with her daughter, JD, who is also in Isabella's class. Just playin' her real name isn't JD...but you see these 3 little friends at school have come up with nick names for each other. It is as follows:
JD= Jadyn
Court Court=Courtney
I double hate Isabella's nick name. With a passion. When Isabella was born my older sister would tease and call her Izzy. Which I hated. I threatened all sorts of things to stop the "Izzy" name calling. But she just kept going. She loves to get me fired up. :) Finally after about 2 years my sister laid off and quit with the "Izzy" I'm sure she came up with something new to get under my skin. In a nice, loving kind of way I'm sure. Anyways when Isabella came home and told me what her friends came up with I was dumbfounded. How could this happen??? I worked so hard to nip that in the rear early on. I love the nick name Ella, which we call her at home. I'll even accept Bella. But the Izzy has to stop. So with her friends on the field trip I tried to re-name her nick name. But the best I got was, "O.k. how about we call her her fizzy izzy?" I'm gonna have to take candy in next time to those 2 little girls! However, despite my dislike......Isabella doesn't mind the nickname at all. Oh brother. Looks like I've got more brain washing to do. So sorry I didn't get pictures of those 3 girls together.

How fun to be around Isabella. She loves to be held and cuddled still. I HEART it so very much. I know my days are numbered, before she will not be so happy to have me holding her in her classroom.

And here is my other little pet.....

These days her favorite thing to do is to go get boots and a hat on. Which is why they are all laying around the house most of the day. She puts them on and randomly takes them off at bizarre places. Then goes and gets someone's shoes and hat and so the game goes.
Suzanna has also enjoyed her brothers Christmas presents they got from my cousin, Jon.

I like how she added the barbies to the cab seat.

I so love having girls. They make me remember my childhood. Well except for the tractor part. I had 2 sisters growing up and then my after my mom died, my dad remarried and had another daughter. So we had no tractors, cars, or morning to night talk of farting. But I love all 4 of my kids. I'm sure I missed out on some really cool things with having no brothers. I remind Isabella of this when her brothers annoy her.

I also love how they love each other. Isabella adores Suzanna. She loves to squeeze her and kiss her. The boys I think will take a couple of years before they do this kind of hugging on their own. :)

Quote of the day
(and no I don't make this stuff up)
William: "Daddy I don't like Jack's snoring-because it's scary and it sounds like a pig and it sounds like war."


Anonymous said...

It's funny how you can name your child one thing and then the rest of the world just doesn't play along! The funny thing is that I love the nickname Izzy - the name Elizabeth was almost Alexandra's name, mostly because I wanted to call her Izzy. :-) (sorry!)

Beth said...

I just LOVE this blog! I also think that it is pretty cool that you are "cool" enough that your daughter wants to wear matching outfits! Wish my girls did! Each one of my girls are so completely different and none of them would want to look like their mama, (sniff, sniff) You have a beautiful family! I love to see and read all about it.

RosyRose said...

Yeah...realish these moments....I love when they still want to show me love in love that she wanted to match you!
And your quote of the day...LOL!
Sounds like war! That is some heavy snoring!
Looking forward to tonight:)!

cheryl said...

Hahaha...I can so relate to the war in the night. I remember hearing some crazy things in the night when I was a kid! One of them is pretty funny, but I'll have to send a FB msg. ha! Your girls are sweet. I enjoyed the pink print and the matching. Kids that love to cuddle are just so endearing! You know, Suzy's doing a good job of finding a bulldozer operator that fits in the seat. She's no dummy!

Anonymous said...

excuse me, i don't mean to be annoying, but... since i just recently got reminded that is a sisters job, i remember one serious issue that was repeated numerous times growing up concerning the aformentioned "farting"...that anyone commiting such a horrid deed needed to make sure they were two FULL rooms away from miss heather renee!--love melissa gail

Holly said...

I love your cute little pictures! Sweet blog! You have great kids because they have great parents! I'm sure the candy bribing will work with nicknames! :o) Good Luck!

sherri said...

What a sweet post, Heather. I'm so glad your girls have each other as "sisters" too. All three of you have so many fun moments to look forward to together as "just the girls" going shopping, painting fingernails and planning weddings. :)

Love the matching pink too!!

Cindy said...

Can I borrow William when I need a smile? He is just too much ... in a good way! :)