Tuesday, January 6, 2009

still tired.

A recap of my yesterday....
Get Isabella and Jack up and ready for school.
Wash, blow dry and straighten hair.
Get myself, Suzy and William dressed.
Take Suzy and William to Grandma's house.
Pick Isabella up from school because her expander came off on the left side of her mouth.
Go to Ekhart to the orthodontist, and watch him pull the expander off completely.
Hold Isabella's hand while we wait for her gums to stop bleeding from the expander coming out.
Watch the expander go back in and get queasy from all the pain Isabella has.
Buy Isabella frosty for her poor, poor, sore mouth.
Go to Meijer and pick up food for bridal shower I'm helping with.
Go to Bath & Body Works to pick up prizes for games for the shower I'm helping with.
Take Isabella back to school and sign her back in.
Pick up Suzy and William from Grandmas.
Enjoy a short visit with MIL.
Get Suzy down for nap.
Clean up breakfast from the morning.
Help kids with school papers & get them snack.
Start supper.
Greet husband home from work and eat supper with family.
Make Stuffed French Toast Strata for breakfast for the next morning's breakfast. (soaks overnight.)
Pack lunches for Isabella, Jack and hubby for the next day.
Go to church to help set up for bridal shower.
Clean up bridal shower.
Come home and lay out clothes for kids for the next day for school.
Take bath and medication for migraine that is starting.
Fall into bed and fall asleep as soon as husband stops talking.

Quote of the day:
from a anonymous person yesterday
"I didn't have time to sit around all day like you."
me: no comment-only steam rolls from head.

Picture of expander in Isabella's mouth. For all who are interested. Used to expand her upper jaw and make room for all those crowded teeth.


cheryl said...

Hmmm....Mom, sounds like a really busy day. Good for you for keeping up and also for looking out for all the people in your life. Isabell, I didn't have an expander, but I did have braces. That just looks like not so much fun. Sorry-o! I hope it gets better.

Kim said...

I got winded just reading your about your day. Hope today was better! And you are not fixing us dinner tomorrow night. Addison had her surgery today, and she is fine. But thanks for the thought! :)
You really are a sweetie...

Holly said...

Poor Isabella! It looks so painful! That sweet girl, I'm sure she was such a brave girl! What a busy day for mom! It's all part of the job description! I remember asking a long time ago "What do you do all day? Don't you get bored?" I so know better now!! Love ya!

Jenn said...

Poor Ella. That looks so painful.

That's all you got done Heather? ;)JK
I think you need a vacation (florida perhaps?)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

poor sister i feel sooo for you. i hope today goes better--love ya--melissa gail

Stacey said...

Oh Heather! What a day! I hope you can look back on this someday and smile.... maybe not. :)

Jennifer @ Taking My Time said...

"...as soon as husband stops talking." Loved that, because I've been there! And the quote of the day... ooh, man, I'd be steaming too!

I feel for Isabella...

Allison Jae said...

tell isabella that I had the same dental work done and look how I turned out. I don't think mine ever fell out. but it always hurt when we expanded it : (

Sounds like a busy day!
Happy New year.

sherri said...

Wow, what a brave little girl! It made my mouth hurt just reading it.

You are amazing, Heather!

Cindy said...

Are you still tired???

Lynette said...

Ooh.. I had someone say something along those lines to me recently.. sigh..

Wynette said...

Poor Isabella! I had to have one of those things too! So not fun! I was a little older though, so she must be pretty brave! Her teeth look kinda like mine did too! =) Heather, hope you have caught your breath! Happy Anniversary!