Friday, October 15, 2010

hotel pools, eating in bed, and t.v......just a few of my childrens favorite things.

 Six years ago we loaded up our little family and took a road trip.  Isabella was 4 years old, Jack was 2 years old.......

 and William was 6 months old.  And we headed up north to Mackinaw Island. 


 We had so much fun with them.  Looking at the pictures made me miss them at that age a little bit.   But then also made me think.....WOW that was a lot of work to take 3 such little kids. It was all we knew, and to us as the years went by the work load got easier. 

 Biking them around the Island might have been more then we bargained for.  It's 8 miles people!!!!   But once we started ~we had to finish.  And let me tell you, that might have been a smile on my face, but it was probably pretty early in the 8 miles.  :)

 Back then we stayed on the main land, and in the evening a double stroller was our saving grace.  We walked to supper and did a little site seeing.  That is a very little bit of site seeing...before people needed their blankies, bottles, and beds.
 Last weekend......
 we did this trip again.  WOW! Was it easier!  This stage is really fun to take a road trip with.  How ironic that last time we went to Mackinaw our oldest was 4 and now this time our youngest was 4~!  They are all potty trained, all sleep through the night, and all of them feed themselves!  I'm not bragging~I'm just stating the facts. :)
 Everything was a novelty to them.  It was fun to feel their excitement about every little thing.  The ferry ride was a huge highlight for them.
 We did an amazing amount of walking.  Probably could have used a stroller some of the time for Suzy.  But how cool everyone else could keep up, and most of the time had to ask the 3 oldest to slow down. 
 On the island we were amazed at all the color.  Flowers are still going crazy and the fall colors are out of control there right now!  This was a little bed & breakfast right off the Main street, that looked pretty quaint. 

 On our way up to the Fort.

 Here is "us", good ol' mom and dad~with the map and taking our time up the hill enjoying the view as we went.  The kids were already firing off cannons by the time we caught up with them. 

 We are missing one from the picture....she was running across the grass screaming and crying saying she's not taking a picture with those guys.  So uncharacteristic of her.  We had a little talk, maybe a spanking and then later Suzy told me she was scared they would shoot her.  We had just watched the cannon being shot, and these were the 2 that did the firing.
 While there, we got some pictures of what we had done 6 years ago....amazing how much changes in six little years. 
 And if you are thinking they do that on their own you are crazy wrong. But they did cooperate for one picture.  I don't think deep down they didn't mind it at all. 

Funny how Isabella can remember all of the fort and the places we went while there.  I hope her sister will too.

 After the fort, we hiked in the State Park that is on the Island.  Until last weekend~ I didn't even know it was there!  There were some amazing views along that trail.  It actually was the very first State Park!

 Arch Rock is one of the scenic spots that we hadn't seen last time we had went. 

 After all that hiking we found an awesome pizza spot right on Main St.!  Loved it!
 Then we headed here, to rent some bikes.
 Breathtaking views, you just can't do them justice with pictures.  But what cool memories!
 Most of the 8 miles around the Island, we again reminded the 2 oldest to wait on us.  Donovan had William on a tandem and I had Suzy in a bike seat.  Funny how 6 years ago we were cursing ourselves for even wanting to bike around the Island, now our oldest can out-bike us. :)
 We stopped for just a while to check out the beach and skip some rocks.

 Jack wanted to take some pictures...while we waited for Donovan to check the bikes back into the rental store.  The picture above was one that turned out well. 
 And then Isabella wanted to take some.....:)

 The last ferry left the Island at 5 p.m. so we had one more stop before we got on the boat.  I think this was the first time my kids had tried fudge. 
 That evening after supper, we drove the bridge.  Of course the kids had a one track mind since our hotel had a pool.  So after the bridge, a bite to eat, we let them live the dream~of hotel pools and eating snacks while on the hotel bed, watching some t.v.  My dream would've been to walk the bridge, maybe a nice sit down meal, and then a magazine or kissing my hubby while snuggled into bed.  But I've seen how fast 6 years can go...and I've plenty of time for those things when I'm gray.  (No offense to the gray haired people.)

Quote of the day:
Jack:  "What is a french kiss again?"
Donovan: "Well........."
Jack: "Is it where you stick your tongue in someone else's mouth?"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

sauce it up

 After reading my cousin's post about apple day it reminded me that I had never posted our apple day pictures.  SO here it goes. 
 For the last 9 or so years~we have always called in the troops for apple sauce day.  Including parents, grandparents, and sometimes aunts.  In 2003 we did 5 bushel and begged for anyone and everyone who would donate their time.  At that time Isabella was 3, Jack was 1 and I was pregnant with William. We went through a ton of sauce.  So we made a lot of it, and used it often for a "filler."  A cheap alternative for buying  a lot of baby food.   
 Last year we did 4 bushel and while we used it a lot in lunches and at meals we still had close to 40 jars left.  So this year we scaled back and did only 1 1/2 bushel.  The kids have always been so disappointed that applesauce day in the last couple years have happened while they were at school.  So this year~it was us.  Just the 6 of us.   On a rainy Saturday morning~makin' sauce.
 It was such a shock to me how they worked together.  How each had a job, enjoyed it, and felt so important.  Funny how usually doing dishes, dusting, and sweeping does not bring the same results. 

 Some played more than others, and needed more "encouragement" to stay focused on the task. 
 But overall they were a big help, and enjoyed the process.

Isabella at her age is the most diligent.  She enjoys seeing a task until the end.  She worked on filling the jars, and labeling.  And any other job that she could squeeze in while waiting for more jars to fill.  She reminds me of her dad more and more every day.  :) 
Quote of the day: 
Jack:  "I don't feel "right" about sleeping in my room tonight"
Donovan: "Well change your "feeling" about it."