Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Hey, Thanks friends for the prayers on Suzy's behalf. She woke about 4 this morning saying that her "ouchie" hurt. The Motrin wore off and she was ready for another dose. It was little sleeping after that. We got the older 2 kids off to school and then headed up to the dentist, he took x-rays and we found out that she has a crack in her upper jaw. And she also tore her frenulum of the lip (the part that connects the inside of your lip to the gum. The dentist is confident that the teeth that were pushed back will eventually go back into place by the pressure Suzy puts on it with her tongue. All these injuries will heal on their own. Thankfully she is 2 and does not have her permanent teeth, her upper jaw is still growing and soft and will heal on its own. We are also thankful she did not sever any of the nerves, which would have required surgery and then pulling the teeth out. We have al ot to be thankful for. Thanks for your comments, thoughts and prayers.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Will you please pray for my little girl? Tonight Donovan and I went on a date and left the kids at Donovan's parents house. When we got back the kids were playing around while we were talking with Donovan's mom...and Suzy fell and knocked her head hard on a wooden cabinet. It pushed 3 of her front, top teeth and caused them to bend backwards. She had a couple of other cuts along with those bent teeth that caused lots of bleeding and lots of pain for her. She also had a big piece of skin that is hanging down (part of the inside lip) she seems most annoyed with. I was sick with pain for her. I could feel myself getting light headed and nauseous. I called our dentist and he will work on her first thing in the morning. The dentist advised us to try to push those 3 teeth into place if we can. Donovan tried but didn't have much movement. The dentist will see her at 8 a.m., examine her and do x-rays. Suzy is sleeping now. I hope for all night. Poor thing usually sucks her thumb, but is not going to try it now. Please help us pray for her.

Monday, November 24, 2008

this might seem familiar to you or else create an ugly picture of me.

Tonight we had a scheduling conflict. I neglected to write on the calendar that I had mom's group tonight and Donovan also committed to playing in a volleyball game tonight. Filling in for a friends' volleyball team that needed one person as a fill in. My mom's group consists of my little friends and I meeting once a month to have a snack (supper-depending on who's hosting) and talk about parenting, relationships with our kids, etc. A great way to bounce things off of each other and vent too. I've been doing this with these ladies for about 6 years. I knew right away I couldn't throw a fit about needed time away/night out on this night...because he was playing volleyball with our friends on a league. Because really, how embarrassing would it be if my husband had to call our friends and say, "uhhh, my wife won't let me come out to play." And it was just a little late to get a babysitter to come and stay with the kids and put them to bed, baths, etc.

So the husband comes to me in the kitchen about an hour before it's time for him to go, after I cancelled my shin-dig and says, "wow, honey thanks so much for taking over tonight so I could go out tonight." I might have responded...."Really, Did I have a choice? Because I wouldn't want to look like a brat in front of our friends." Wow....He thought that I was doing it because I knew that he would enjoy a night out with friends, playing a sport he loves. I might have responded, "Really after 10 years you don't know me better that that?? " I just didn't want him to call our friends and tell them I wouldn't let him go. So here I go broadcasting it for the whole world I know. Somehow it's a sick pleasure I have to show people how human I am. But really it was hard for me. I feel like I need the time away even more than him. Because really.... doesn't he get to go away all day?? Donovan might have the argument that it's actually a little thing called "work" I usually respond..."uhhhh....but does that "work" include cleaning diarrhea out of panties?" Because that was my job description today. Also in the job description today... taking 2 small children with me to an eye Dr. appointment and then grocery shopping. Filling a sippy cup while on the phone, while driving. --Might have been an error in judgement on that last one. While I understand our job descriptions are very different...sometimes I just think he should think it's fun to come home and have a change of pace. And while I know it is fun for him to come home to us, I forget he needs time out with friends too. I'm sure he will be better for it. Better in the way of blowing steam off about his annoying wife, who hardly let's him go out to play. I know he gives me plenty nights away, please don't send me hate mail. I know I'm blessed. He esp. gave me many nights out during the newborn years of our children, when nursing felt more like a ball and chain rather than a bonding experience for me.

I'm just wondering how do you handle letting your husband out to play?

And P.S. Brooke...don't feel bad for one second. It's not personal one bit. He needed this time out....I hadn't let him out to play for years. He was thrilled, I know he's having fun.

Friday, November 21, 2008

I have fought the good fight...but I have lost.

For all of our married life (10 1/2 years) we have not had cable. I have been proud of this fact. Really? Who needs to sit around and watch T.V.? In my mind such a waste of time. That is unless it's 10:00 p.m. on a Thursday night and E.R. is about to come on. I just haven't got attached to shows, Except for that one show. (Thanks Beth & Amee) And for the kids I loved channel 34. It is PBS...and it always had something half way decent on it for the kids. But when we quit getting channel 34-because they went digital, I was a little on the dissatisfied side with the 5 channels we had left. No more Sesame Street, or Mister Rogers Neighorhood. Because else will the kids learn their numbers and letters? So anyways a couple of weeks ago Donovan got an offer in the mail for Direct TV. Some bundle offer where if you put your cell phone on with your Internet and combine 1 cup of flour the Direct TV is free. Well, I was reluctant...because I just can't handle another temptation of ways to sit on the couch this winter. I already have this computer for pity sakes. But when it was all said and done....we are actually saving $5! Really 200 channels and then it is $5 less, well I can live with that.

So the above picture is children sitting in front of the TV. And wow, Let's be's a great babysitter.

In other multi-media news....Suzy is now using the library computer while William has story time at our local library. And the reason she can use the library computer and not our home computer?....Well I don't want her to ruin our computer.

And just to prove that we have done other things besides play on the computer and watch Direct is a picture of some winter fun that has only begun. Just down the road, in our sub-division there is a small sledding hill. Within walking distance. We had so much fun. Well maybe not as much Suzy as the older kids. Suzy liked watching better than going down the hill.

And back home for something to warm us up. We were out of hot chocolate mix, so I used a recipe I love just as much. And just because I care about your warmth I will share it with you. Let me know what you think, if you make it.

Butterscotch Steamer
1/4 cup butter

1/2 cup brown sugar

Melt butter and brown sugar together in saucepan.

Add 2 qt. milk heating until hot, but not boiling. Serve in hot mugs sprinkled with cinnamon.

Quote of the day:

At lunch yesterday I was making lunch & out of the corner of my eye I see William tapping and annoying Suzy.

Me: "William, Stop!" (without looking at him.)

William: "How can you see me when your doing your job?"

Well because I'm super mom, that's how.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

And some may think it's not as gross as you do now.

What a week! I needed a babysitter everyday except for this weekend....Thank goodness for friends and willing family members.

Monday....was the fieldtrip with Jack. Thanks Holly for babysitting for Suzy and William!

Tuesday...Orthodontist consultation for this girl.....
The poor thing has a lot of dental work in her future. We learned this week that she will need an expander for her upper palate because there is not enough room for her teeth, it also is affecting her breathing, and her bite. This trait came from her daddy, which... imagine that -her dad's mouth is not big enough. She will also need braces (short term) for her bottom teeth. So next week starts the appointments to prepare her mouth for the expander (which we will turn a key every day to "expand" her upper palate) and braces. December 16th is when the braces and expander will go in. That day could not come fast enough for her. Isabella is so excited about getting these on....and is already contemplating rainbow bands or pink?? Thanks Malaina for watching our 3 youngest.

And then on Wednesday we learned this guy needs glasses in a serious way.....

Jack is very farsighted. He needs glasses full time. We were beginning to notice his trouble with his eyesight, so we were not very surprised. Jack is so excited to get glasses....but so disappointed he has to wait 7-10 days for them to come in. Everyday he asks, "How many more days?" I also learned I needed help. Well-with my eyes... I have been having lots of migraines lately, so I had an exam also. My prescription has not changed in 2 years, but my focus mechanism is "almost shot" as my Doctor put it. The way to help this focus muscle is to relax it by wearing glasses or contacts. I was so excited to hopefully find a source for these migraines that have been slowing me down for years. I just don't function well when I feel like a knife is stabbing the center of my right eyeball. And really - I had 3 migraines last week alone. A record for me. So I opted for the contacts....which my Dr. had right in stock. Thanks Elsie for babysitting for Suzy and William and picking Isabella up from school.

Thursday this past week we met with Jack and Isabella's teachers for parent/teacher conferences. I've never worried about Isabella's conferences in the past....our son is a different story. And Jack is not a bad kid, he just loves to talk. He loves to tell stories. He just makes me nervous. Like...what is he going to say next kind of thing. He's not as shy as his older sibling...which keeps me humble most of the time. He also doesn't love to read...which I know is o.k. -Isabella does and it is totally to her advantage in school (I know there I go comparing our kids) But Jack's teacher said he is average-to above average in his reading level and he does not participate in class as much as she wishes he would. He is just a little reserved in class. WHAT!??? Are we really talking about the same kid?? Well, I was just sooooo thrilled there were no problems reported, I could've kissed and hugged her on the spot. Before going into the meet with Jack's teacher Donovan admitted to me, He's just a tad nervous about Jack's conference. Because he is the most strong willed of all our children. Trust me if you are going to battle with him, you better go and get some boots and a comfortable chair. He just takes you for a ride. He tries to talk you out of any and everything...and the chair is for the comfort, because as far as food he doesn't like....He will sit at the table for a very long time. Very long.

So enough about Jack....You know I love him...right??? He just tests me in ways I never thought would make me so angry.

Isabella's conference went so well. I am so happy with her teacher. She reported that Isabella is a great student, and that she is a good friend. Her grades are very good, and it's so nice that she is loving school so much. Thanks Malaina for watching all 4 of our kids so we could go meet with teachers. You are such a sweet young lady!

So with all this babysitting I needed I got to return the favor for another friend.....Look who we got to snuggle with....

O.k. So we didn't get the baby the whole time (he went to a wedding with his parents)...But we did get little cousin Karis for a couple of hours. His mama thought he would need to eat, and apparently I've run dry. After the wedding Lyndon and Krista stopped in to pick up Karis and we got to enjoy two-week old Jeremy while we chatted.

Oh seriously look at those big beautiful blue eyes!!! Jeremy you are so cute!

So it's 10:30...and lunches need to be packed, clothes need to be laid out, my bath needs to be taken, and here I still sit. Over and out friends.

Quote of the day:

At the dinner table last night Donovan and I kissed and I might have snacked on his neck just a little.

Jack: "I have to say that is really gross."

Monday, November 10, 2008

Actually, I decided to take the van instead of the pony.

Earlier this fall at our church campout there were several couples around the campfire that started talking about the beloved Ikea. There were a couple of the girls who had never been there, and others of us that carry a map of Ikea in our purse at all times. Just to brush up on where things are for the next trip. So this started the idea to go overnight and make a little girls get a way. We left Saturday morning at 8 a.m. I won't tell you what time we got there...because it took a bit longer than it should have.

So after a bit of shopping at Ikea we went for some deep dish pizza. This is a picture of lunch that we finally sat down to at 3:00 p.m. Then headed back to Ikea to polish off the 3rd floor of the store.

After our fix on Ikea we checked into our hotel. Our 5 star hotel Monica's husband found for about $60/night online!!! It was absolutely amazing! It ended up being only $20 per person!!! And my favorite part of our room was this....

It was a T.V. that was built into the mirror. I'm not really much of a T.V. buff, but how cool is this?? Cool enough to take a picture, is how cool! When you opened the double doors into the bathroom the T.V. automatically came on. It was kinda fun to have entertainment while on the throne. But really how clean do you think that remote is? Are any of you gagging at this point? Because seriously I thought about it, but it didn't bother me at all to change the channel.

After checking in to our room....We went in search for supper. We found the Cheesecake Factory at the Woodfield Mall. There was an hour wait to eat, So some us went shopping and one of us did this....

I had been needing a change, needing a fresh off came 6 inches. I am so excited! I love it. After my cut....our table was ready at the Cheesecake Factory.

Our supper was so good!!!

Some of us, had some loud moaning going on during cheesecake. It is that good.

After our late supper....we headed back to our 5 star....and got an in-room movie. It was just like a little slumber party. There was more talking, more laughing, and little sleep going on for the rest of that night/early morning. But really who cares? Because no one is getting up with a baby/children during the night, or the next morning. I think I finally drifted off about 3 a.m.

The next morning we got ready & went to breakfast. Here is the hotel lobby, at the fire place.

Here's the group....Rose S., Rose Y., Me, Monica

Back row: Carla, Julie, Brooke.

My welcome home....was very welcome. Obviously, Jack is hot blooded...since he is wearing a tank top while there are snow flurries outside. And yes, if you're wondering if that IS a key chain hanging from his collar of his shirt. What? Don't your kids do that?

Look at this happy pants....I went along with him on a field trip today. He couldn't have been more giddy. Me either. It was so refreshing to have a little breather from the day to day. It just makes me appreciate my kids all over. We went to the Elco Preforming Arts Center for a musical about the children's book...If you Give a Pig a Pancake, and several other children's books. It was cute.

Quote of the day:

From William on Sunday:

His Sunday School teacher: Where did your mommy go today?

William: "She went to town a riding on a pony"

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

screeching breaks & squeals

I love how excited my kids get to see each other after the school day. It's pretty cute how they can get along for 4 minutes straight....

at least right after school.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

a new baby boy joins the family

Last weekend....
This weekend....

Lookie what my little friend Krista had.....

a little baby boy.
Jeremy Mathias
How sweet is he???

How exciting to have finally met this little sweet bundle. I've felt him kick through Krista's tummy...I've watched her grow....How fun to hold this sweet little baby.
It was very exciting to take our kids to meet their new cousin, they were all so pumped about the baby even before we got there. The boys were especially excited that Krista had a boy.

It's really fun to see your baby hold and love on a baby. Suzy just loved this little doll. Thank goodness she has her own "dolls" at home. :)
Congrats Lyndon and Krista. We are so happy with you on the birth of your son.