Tuesday, March 6, 2012

our Belinha

A view from my kitchen window.  Our four walking to the bus stop to walk Belinha.  My heart is so full to watch all 5 walk up the drive. 

Today marks one week since Isabela has come to live with us.  Our lives have been so blessed & enriched to have her here with us.  Because we already have a daughter Isabella....we have been calling our exchange student Belinha.  (That would be pronounced belinia)  Which she tells us was what her family and close friends called her in Brazil. It is like Bella, and the {ina} added is for "little girl" because she is the youngest in her family. 

She is so willing to learn new things, games, & foods.  This makes it so fun to teach her about life in America.

 Along with doing new things....A first for her is the upcoming prom.  L.O.V.E.D. taking her prom dress shopping. 

Belinha has an amazing life skill of relating to all sorts of people.  Over the past weekend we had her with 3 different sets of our friends.  She can relate so well to others of all different ages, and different life backgrounds very well.  She inserts herself into conversations and it is very obvious that she loves people.  No mater if our friends are at least 10-15 years older than her.  She finds a way to relate.  My favorite thing is listening to the different questions that our different friends ask her. 

Ranging from how politics are in Brazil, to what is the pop culture, who are the popular music groups, and what is the religion?   I never knew I was so interested in Brazil.

Our dinner last night.  We enjoy so much having another adult around the table....never knew what we were missing.  She is a doll.

Our little Suzy likes to follow her like a little puppy.  They are good friends and I enjoy watching this friendship grow.   Belinha is very tender & loving towards her.

WOW! What a fun week.  Right now I'm scared to death of ever letting her go back to her home.  My heart is already involved & I keep thinking this feels like an adoption that is going to go bad in 3 months.  :) :)  {Rosangela and Carlos in case you are reading....Don't worry I will give her back to you in May.}  I need to enjoy the moment...I know!!  :)

Quote of the day:
After school when I picked up William & Suzy
William: "Dylan has a crush on Elaina.  And Elaina has a crush on Dylan.  I told Dylan he should get a new hobby."