Sunday, September 30, 2012

"F" in parenting

Before Suzy went to Kindergarten last year I took her to the Dr. for her Kindergarten physical.  This visit comes complete with a preliminary eye exam.  Which she passed.  So I just never worried about taking her to have her eyes checked by a REAL eye doctor. 

Well in 1st grade all students at our school each child receives an eye exam by the school nurse.  This was this past Thursday at Suzy's school.  And she failed the test.  As in....Please have your child seen by an eye Dr. as soon as possible.

The eye doctor that our family has had for several years now no longer takes our insurance.  BOO....for having to shop for an eye doctor!!!

So I've been at 2 different eye doctors this week.  The first time on Tuesday for Isabella because she was almost out of her years supply of contacts.  And although they were nice and felt just a little like a drive thru. 

And then through a recommendation of my mother in law...I visited a different eye doctor in Granger for Suzy.  I hesitated about the 35 minute drive but then realized that they are in our insurance plan and they are in the plaza along with Super Target.  BOOM. WINNING. Decision made. 

I Loved Dr. Longenecker!!!  I loved how her related to her and took time to explain what is happening with her eyesight.  He would tell me what medical name of her condition and then again in mom terms.  And what is happening with my little 6 year old now is that her eyes were starting to cross or turn in slightly to try to focus on things.  (I've never noticed that)  Her eyes I was also told were becoming "lazy" because they were working so hard to try to focus but couldn't figure out what things were.  With her glasses these things can be corrected. 

And this is where on my report card for parenting I receive an "F" for parenting.  She had to start out with such a strong prescription :( But I am so thankful we at least caught it now.  Dr. Longenecker was so gracious when I told him...."Oh my goodness...I should've had her here over a year ago."  He responded that I'm just glad your here now and we can help her."  So a repeat check up in 10 weeks so that Dr. Longenecker can recheck her.  She tells me everything is "BIGGER." 

Suzy loves her glasses.  I love her glasses.  And at least if I failed in this area of getting her to the doctor sooner....I get an A for picking out some pretty cute frames.  Amen?