Thursday, November 29, 2007

potty pants

Can you see the brown footprints in the picture above?

O.K. well we are not really "training" Suzanna, but a couple of times a day I will put her on her little potty and she goes. Usually guano (Donovan's word). I see that look in her eye and her position, and well it's like.....Hmmmm do I want to let her go in her diaper and later scrape that off her bottom or just sit her on the potty? So I've been sitting her on the potty and she will do it. I probably should go full speed ahead with the potty training since she shows an interest. But the thought of being in a public place (for instance Wal-mart) and needed to find a potty within 5 seconds doesn't appeal to me right now. Call me lazy I know. And Christmas get togethers....I mean I had kids so I can be at the front of the food line, and I'm afraid if I'm in the bathroom with potty pants I'm going to lose out on all the good stuff. And the fact that I am having surgery next week, kinda puts the damper on the subject too. On with the real story....SO last night I sat her on the potty, because mothers intuition kicked in and I thought she had to go. So I sat her on and she didn't. Strange, but o.k. So I told Suzy to go find her daddy and get a diaper. Usually she will go to him and he diapers her. Well I lost track of her, didn't follow through and Donovan and I were talking in the kitchen. In walks Suzy with no diaper, but a trail of guano following behind. It also is on her hands, arms and legs. Donovan is panicked (I should've been but was too busy laughing.) We follow the brown trail and find that she had went into the bathroom (hence the brown footprints) sat on the potty and did a number in the potty. A small victory for the little one year old. She knew she had to go and went to the potty. Too bad she also went on the carpet in 4 different places. Seriously it was all over. Of course I couldn't get a very good picture, because panic dad was cleaning her up so fast. Given the chance I was home by myself I would not have been taking pictures but cleaning up. Just so you know. But come on I'm still kinda sick, not too sick to take pictures..just too sick to clean up guano.


I'm embarrassed to say how much I underestimate the power of prayer. On yesterday's post I requested prayer for an earlier appointment to the ENT. The Lord answered that! The nurse called today to ask to move my appointment up from 1:30 to 1:15. I was confused since she was talking about today! Apparently she forgot to call me yesterday to tell me that she found an appointment for me. Thank you to everyone of you that are faithful friends and prayed. And thank you to those of you who prayed for a quick recovery. I feel so much better than yesterday....which is crazy to me because usually strep has me down for a few days. I'm still very tired, but feeling so much better. God is GOOD. So about the live-in nanny I requested....still haven't heard anything about that one. And mama is going to need one. The Doctor is suggesting surgery to remove the contaminated tonsils. That will take place next Wednesday, December 5th. The Dr. is telling me it is a 12 day recovery time, so I'm a little nervous about being in that much pain. But lets not think about that yet, o.k.? Thankfully Donovan has an understanding boss that will hopefully give him the time off that he needs.

So on to changing subjects.....Here is a picture taken on the way home from Michigan last weekend. I had to add a picture because it was just getting boring to see no pictures....wasn't it? I mean if I don't put the pictures on my blog I have to go back to feeling guilty about not getting any scrap booking done. And that is sad.

The first time I looked through the pictures I never noticed what was in the background. Jack is easily upset and after being in the car for 3 hours things were only becoming more and more ugly by the minute. Suzy was also sad, so I managed to dig a toy camera out from underneath the seat that she hadn't seen in a while and she was pleased as punch. I can't remember why Jack is dis-satisfied in the background but it isn't as bad as it looks, really. I promise. For goodness sakes it looks as if we made him sit on small and sharp objects. And we didn't because we are not that kind of parents. Sometimes Jack feels as though life isn't fair....He's into feelings right now, and expressing them. Today after he found out that his little brother and sister were going to Grandma's for the day, He gets a very troubled look on his face and declares, "I feel jealous! I want to go to Grandma's, It's not fair!" Part of life child, get used to it. That's not what I actually said, just what I thought. So being the kind of parents that we are, I said the right thing instead of what I was thinking. I explained to him that he gets to do lots of fun things in school, he goes on field trips, he has gym class, he gets to ride the bus, and best of all he gets a snack every day at school! (Best of all because he has a passion for food like mama...remember?) All of which little brothers and sisters get to do. Presto...a smile. And a happy camper.

Well onto mothering types of things.....Jack and Isabella are home from school now and Jack is wondering why he can't paint his arms.

P.S. Thanks Grandma for taking Suzy and William today!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Unbelievable! I have strep again. Yes, That is 3 times in the last 6 weeks. Evidently I am becoming immune to the antibiotics, because they are not working. I just finished the last pill on Sunday, a stronger antibiotic that the previous and for 10 days. And now I started with sore throat last night, accompanied by ear pain, fever and just for fun the chills. And might I add a Urinary Tract Infection, (AGAIN) just so you understand that both ends burn. the Dr. again this morning, swabbed the throat again. choke. gag. Shock, it's positive again. Pee in a cup....Shock, again positive. Is this becoming humorous? How one gets sick so often? I'm sure that is what everyone is thinking. It's embarrassing actually. And depressing.

So due to the strep friend I have, that will not leave me alone....I am going for an appointment at an ENT (ears, nose, throat) specialist hopefully tomorrow. The appointment is set for Monday but I'm hoping and praying for a cancellation so that I can be seen earlier and schedule a surgery to have my tonsils removed. AS. SOON. AS. POSSIBLE. The Dr. seems to think that will help with the recurring strep.

So a big thank you to Krista, for taking the younger 2 kids today. A big thank you to Aunt Ruby for bringing over the Shaklee. And a bigger thank you in advance to all of you that will help me pray for a quick recovery, an appointment tomorrow, and a live-in nanny. And now I will be going so that I can spray Lysol on the computer keys.

P.S. Will someone turn off that Christmas music? It's making me mad to think of missing the Gingerich Christmas this Sunday.

Monday, November 26, 2007

all I want for Christmas.....

Back when we started this parenting thing it was pretty easy to shop for the kids, I got them things for Christmas I wanted them to have. Because when they were Suzanna's age they were pretty much happy with a cardboard box. Now that they have grown up they are asking for things that I don't always think are so fun or cute. Example one: Hot wheels. In fact over the weekend when I was listening to Jack pray at bedtime here was his prayer...."Dear Jesus, Thank you for this nice day. Thank you that I am going to get a hot wheel super fast track for Christmas and play with it. Thank you for mom, dad, suzy, isabella, & william. Amen." I have no problem with Hot Wheels....
And so I'm left with the question of the you get your children a gift that really is what they are wishing for or something you think and hope they will enjoy?

And Isabella is really wishing for a gigantic horse that a child can actually sit on. I mean seriously this thing is over 3 ft. tall. First of all we would have to build a stable for this toy, Second of all it is $270.00, can't you buy a real horse for that? Not that we would...but that would be Isabella's first wish to have a real horse. I've explained to Isabella the horse is NOT going to happen in the nicest sort of way without laughing. Soooo....when Aunt Holly was here to babysit the other week aunt Holly was asking Isabella for Christmas ideas while we were out for the evening. Isabella was very good and describing the horse and the fact if you feed the horse she will move and make noises. That she even comes with a carrot to feed to her. That she saw the horse at Target and Wal-mart. The one fact Isabella left out was the price. So my sister calls me this week and says...So I figured out the horse Isabella was wanting for Christmas.....laugh, choke, cough. Yes, sorry could've saved you a trip....
So Isabella is pretty easy to please and she has about 99 other wishes for Christmas. So on with the day, and if you have any suggestions....Please send them my way.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

time to kick off christmas....

Back from up north in Michigan where we spent the weekend celebrating with my aunt's brothers and sisters. They combine Thanksgiving and Christmas all in one sha-bang! We had a great time, and thought I'd share some pictures. Now I'll get back to the 14 loads of laundry awaiting me.

Friday, November 23, 2007

set and ready to go

little people table....

big people table.....

A couple more shots of our Thanksgiving feast yesterday. Still dreaming about the wonderful food we enjoyed. Thanks to Jon and Arlene for hosting and letting us trash their house. It was good to be there.

And now we are set and ready to go again....up north for another holiday. All packed & we are off. Be back Monday. How was your Thanksgiving? Did you enjoy any Jones' dirt turf soda? Or just stick with the turkey and stuffing?

Thursday, November 22, 2007

pumpkin pie

What a day! I love holidays & all that comes with it.....the food, the family being together- all day, I love knowing we can all be together and no one has to run off to work or school. We are so blessed, aren't we?
We just got home from Thanksgiving with Donovan's family & thought we would announce the winner of the Thanksgiving contest that I started here. Isabella put all the names into a jar and pulled just one. Boy, am I glad I didn't do the contest by any other standard.....Like the most original, the best memory, or the best recipe. Because how on earth could I pick with so many wonderful contributions? It was so fun to read what each one had to write and I love how this connects me to each and everyone of you to know you just a little bit better. So the winner you ask? It was Elsie (Donovan's mom) who told us some favorite dishes she enjoys at Thanksgiving. She will win a Target gift card for $5. I hope she doesn't spend the whole amount on my Christmas gift, because that would be a little embarrassing for her to go so crazy.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

one more day.....

It has been so fun to read each & every one of your comments! If you haven't yet left a comment, you can do it here. Keep them coming...and tomorrow I will draw the winner.

Yesterday I was in Isabella's class for the first time. What a treat to see what she does all day. All 4 of the 2nd grade classes had a special feast to celebrate Thanksgiving. They all made hats to either be Pilgrims or Indians.

ANd they got a special lunch of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, & a homemade roll. It was delicious!! This lunch was only for the 2nd graders, the rest of the school had the regular menu item. Then instead of eating in the cafeteria they set up long tables in the art room and took their lunch in their for their special feast. Isabella was so excited....however worried about 2 things. First, she had came home Monday with the other front tooth sideways and about to fall out. I offered to pull it, but she was worried since the "thanksgiving feast" was the the very next day she would not look like a real pilgrim with 2 missing front teeth. I assured her there were pilgrim children with missing teeth. Pulled it. Done. Now her 2nd worry....she knows that there were no pilgrims with glasses. Again, I assured her there were probably some with glasses. She pressed on and said in all the books she has read and pictures she has seen she has never seen pilgrims with glasses. It is so interesting to me the things that trouble a young 7 year olds' heart. However by the morning of the feast she quit worrying and didn't mention it again.

I also sat in on "Author of the week". This is a time when 2-3 children in the class get to read what they have been writing during class. Isabella was chosen and read a letter she had written to Jack. It was so sweet. Amazing what school has done for her shy personality. Two years ago she would have not been able to get in front of her class and talk. Now she can and it went smoothly for her.

Hope you all are having a great fall day and enjoying the rich blessings each and everyone of us has. We just have to remember to look for them and be Thankful.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving contest

Thank you for your well wishes and hope you didn't mind the intrusion of the husband. Actually he got more comments than any of my other I'm feeling like he maybe I could be voted off. He offered to do the posting, and quite honestly ladies I was worried about what he would write, and then he wanted to post with a picture of me. Since I looked and felt like I was already 10 feet under -I refused. Seriously, who takes pictures of people sick?? And what would you all have said? "wow, she really does look horrible---couldn't you at least comb your hair?" I never have been that sick, I don't think. And glad it's past. I'm feeling much better.
So....on with this week. Yesterday we attended our first Thanksgiving feast for the year. Yes, early but very appreciated. It helps to spread these holidays out when bringing a full van. Thanksgiving and Christmas meals are never very much fun when you have to save room for the next meal in 3 hours. We did that early in our marriage (2 family get togethers in one day) and I'm glad to put my lead foot down on that one. So we were at my family's for a Delicious meal of all the originals...turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc. And then later in the afternoon after naps, Grandma thought it would be fun to let the kids roll out their own pretzels.

This was just for fun...we hadn't made pretzels in Thanksgiving past....but what a great treat. The kids made their own unique shapes. Maybe this should be part of our new tradition, it's fun to mix things up a bit.
So....this brings me to a introduction of a little survey I would like to take from all of you..........

I would like to know special traditions or memories you all have had in Thanksgivings' past. Or a favorite recipe you always have at your T-day meal. Or a funny story you have from years past. Add it as a comment on this post and on Thanksgiving day I will randomly pick one of those names. Then I will send one lucky winner a prize in the mail. (O.k. as in "prize" Ya know the prizes you get in cereal boxes? Think bigger... just not much.)

So get busy and leave a comment about Thanksgiving. I can't wait to see what you have to say!

Friday, November 16, 2007

I know that everyone out there is breathlessly waiting for another post from your little blogger friend Heather...unfortunately she is currently completely out of commission so I felt the need to carry the torch with your daily update of conditions here at the ranch. The week started out with a little thing called a urinary tract infection - that's always fun. Now the week is ending with another round of severe strep infection, fever, and all around feeling like she got hit by the trash truck. That trash truck driver just lost his tip AND his Christmas bonus. So, with all the symptoms flying around and the death-warmed-over appearance coming from beneath the covers this morning I decided that it would be a great day to skip work and take my sicky-pants wife to the doctor. (Let me explain the "pants" thing. It's a little nickname game that we do here at the house. For instance, when Suzy has moisture in her diaper we call her "Soggy-pants Suzy"...or... you name it, we have a name for it...) So we made the trek to the doc who gave her a script for an antibiotic and promised that she would be better in no time. Lord knows he better be right because I don't think that I can handle all these duties 24/7. I will say that it makes me grateful for all that the wife does around the house to make our lives easier. I think that I will stick to the plan where I leave the cave, kill something, and drag it home routine and let Heather maintain sanity here on the homefront. That's a good plan if you ask me.
Many thanks to my dear Mother for taking the two youngest yesterday so Heather could sleep and I could work. And then she sent supper AND breakfast home with me when I picked them up! Unbelievable! And again today when I had to step out for a quick service call my sis-in-law stepped up and watched the kids for a few hours. Uncle Jon was home too and he had a timely assist with a "three-wiper" (in his words). Soggy-pants dropped a deuce on his watch if you were wondering. All in all it's been an interesting couple of days even with a sicky-pants taking up residence in the bedroom. Hopefully tomorrow she will be back in full swing and ready to keep you posted on the happenings around here. Peace out. D

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

bustin' ryhmes

Making sentences.....
Today I got to go to school. First with Isabella to eat lunch with her. And then I volunteered in Jack's classroom for the afternoon. I do this once a month and really enjoy getting to see how Jack interacts with his teacher & friends. It's fun to see Jack's outgoing personality. Today he raised his hand to make a sentence up with their "star" words. His sentence was, "I am a fish." He likes to be funny.

Notice Isabella's classmate doing bunny ears....thank you Brian. Before lunch the kids have recess, the big thing for Isabella and her classmates is jumping rope. They tie their scarves together & two girls twirl for each other. I had fun hearing the "new" jump rope rhymes. Let me bust a rhyme for you....

ice cream, ice cream, cherry on top

how many boyfriends do you got?.....

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, etc.....
Hey, I'm not very excited about the "boyfriend" part either but at least they aren't standing on the playground "texting" each other on their cell phones while at recess.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This past weekend we were in Indy for just a little one night get away. We left Saturday morning and first went to The Children's Museum , fun, fun, fun! Thankfully they had strollers to rent since we forgot ours. Tell me after 4 kids how on earth do you forget to take the stroller when you have a one year old?

Here is the entrance to the museum....Donovan and the kids are standing at the railing.

It was a fun little get away and it seems the kids get easier as they get older to travel with. I would have to say the part the kids loved best was swimming in the hotel pool. That was a huge highlight for Isabella as she learned to swim this summer. She was showing off doing cannonballs and having the time of her life. Many times at the museum, the kids kept asking, "When are we going back to the hotel?" Come-on kids we're livin' the dream going to the Children's museum. This is a big deal. Bless them anyways...I remember as a kid for it to be a huge deal to get to go swimming at a hotel. We topped the night off with a pizza after swimming, and even got it for free- because the driver thought we wanted carry-out. Gee maybe that's why after an hour we still didn't have our pizza? The next day we packed up and went out for breakfast and my highlight was a little window shopping. The mall we went to had a pottery barn and that is just eye candy for me. Love the ideas! So we spent all of $5, and I'm pretty sure the sales clerk at pottery barn never rang a customer up for that little of an amount.

One more little story we had with a son of ours still makes me smile. You see- on the way home people were getting a little stir crazy, a little fussy, you know how it goes with kids on a trip. Well Donovan was setting down the law with the oldest daughter and for some reason lately Jack likes to laugh of make fun when other siblings who are in trouble. So Donovan could see this taking place and said, "Jack, stop laughing or, OR, (pause) you know the feeling when you pause because you are trying to come up with a suitable punishment. ) So Donovan ends the sentence with---I will come and wipe that smile off your face" He has never said that, and it struck me funny, but I remained silent. Enough said and Jack whipped into shape. Well about 10 minutes later Donovan was getting warm and asked me to help him take off his coat while driving. He looks back at the kids, and then takes off his seat belt and starts to take off his coat. Jack has a look of pure fear in his face and asks, "what are you doing dad?" Donovan tells him, just taking off my coat. Jack replies in dead serious tone and says, "Oh, I thought you were coming back here to wipe that smile off my face."

You just gotta write it down or too soon these days will be gone and you'll forget.

Monday, November 12, 2007


I thought this picture deserved a post all to it's own. This picture was taken from our adventures last week....just after lunch. Karis walked over to Suzy and held out her hand. Suzy took it and had the biggest cheesiest grin I ever saw. Pure. Delight! There is such a sweet innocence with one year old's. SO much fun.

Friday, November 9, 2007

field trip

Well due to the break from school....we planned a little field trip for Thursday to help pass the time, and honestly help me from going insane. This mama can only take so many days at home in a row. Donovan had a big install planned for all day Thursday so he thought it would be fun if the kids (and I) could see what he was doing. It wasn't far from home, so we piled in and went. The boys absolutely LOVED it! (Too bad Isabella had 1/2 a day and was in school while we went-she would have loved it too.) Donovan was installing 6 new systems with overhead compartments for these packaging pillows to go into. If you click here you can learn more about the company Donovan works for....if not read on below. The boys were fascinated with the shipping conveyors-I was fascinated that they didn't get run over by a fork lift zooming by every 5 minutes. It was a lot of fun to see their excitement and to see and understand better what in the world Dono does all day. He was actually on a 30 ft. boom to install chains that hold those blue bins hanging from the ceiling. I think I might have called during one of those times he was on the boom. "Really, Donovan when are coming home?" Really your busy...what really? Anyways.....after this little trip we went back home to meet Isabella getting off the bus and Krista to go to lunch. I know, I know. How cool to have lunch plans!! Doesn't happen enough for me. Remember I don't get out much. And the trip to Goshen would explain why I don't go much. Screaming, fussing, complaining about who got to sit by the little one year old who came with Krista. Along with complaints about he's blowing on me, She's ignoring me, He just spit on me, She won't give me the monkey......PEOPLE! Remember I'm livin' the dream...and in my dream we take the car ride quietly and look at the beautiful fall colors on the trees. Oh well, bless them I guess they were really hungry. So went to Pizza Hut to use the book it coupons the kids earned from school and then another field trip. I know 2 in one day is a bit ambitious. I was feeling brave. We went to where Krista's husband works and I was dropping her off, so we ventured inside to see what exactly he does all day.

Very cool this field trip came with safety glasses! And even fork lift rides. What a fun day...despite the claustrophobic car ride.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

cleanin' up

Yesterday Jack pointed out that our night flowers were all dead. Actually I planted morning glories & moon flowers-but I like his name for them better. The "night flowers" only bloom at dusk and were so fun to watch all summer. Anyways, I had a great idea to get all their energy out from being indoors all day. I bundled them up and told them to go ahead and rip out the dead vines. They had so much fun, and so did little sister watching from the window. I wonder if they would be o.k. if I gave them a ladder and had them work on the gutters tomorrow?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

losing teeth

Much to Isabella's delight she lost her first tooth on the top yesterday after school. She has lost 4 on the bottom, but those top teeth were hangin' on tight.
So the kids are all home from kindergarten for the next 3 days and Isabella gets out at 11:00 for the rest of the week due to parent/teacher conferences. It seems like a lot of people here for during the day. I'm not used to's amazing how fast you grow into a routine. School has just started 2 1/2 months ago.

And how sweet to Suzanna run to the door to greet her sister home from school. Those 2 are such good friends despite the 6 year age gap.

Well now on with lunch...any suggestions? Isabella thinks she should pick due to her losing another tooth....however that is only because she knows there are chicken, black beans and rice burritos left over from last night. She seems to be worried about the possiblity of eating those for lunch.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

barn party

Grandma Gingerich with Jack, William, and Suzanna on the hay ride.

This past Friday, our church had a fall party in my brother & sister -in-law's barn. It was complete with a hay ride, bobbing for apples, fall desserts, & hot mulled cider! Just a perfect day to celebrate fall.

Suzanna LOVES kitty's. She loves to follow them around and saing her own version of "kitty". It almost makes me want to get her one of her own.....but not quite. This kitty was very gentle and patient for a little one year old following her around pulling her tail. Uncle Jon tells me that this mama cat is about ready to have kittens.

On the hay ride. Karis and Suzy are cousins and 2 weeks apart.

Isabella on the upper level of the barn. This is what I hear her daddy used to do....swing from the rafters. She had great fun & luckily didn't break any bones.

Friday, November 2, 2007


How could someone so cute be so naughty? Well, I know people who get a babysitter to go to a wedding or let's say a viewing/funeral and I often wish to see their children and wonder why not just bring them? I am a firm believer in training your children so they can be seen in public, to teach them how to behave. Well saying all of that, I completely understand the concept here. And being completely humbled last night made me think, Maybe we should have dropped the kids off at Grandma's on the way to the viewing we attended. Let me show you a little glimpse of what happened. We were going to show support and love to my cousin who was a live-in private nurse for a man and his wife (his wife had passed away several years ago) The man who my cousin was taking care of for the last 12 years, died this week and we were attending the viewing last night. We get to the funeral home and go to greet her. The kids did good, ohhhh for about the first 3 minutes. They did a great job with greeting Rosetta and hugging her, and then while we were talking...I hear this tapping. The 3 oldest children were tapping on the casket. Then when we told them to stop, Suzy (mind you-the one year old) started banging the handle of the casket. The flower arrangement on the top of the casket was swaying, and by this time I could feel many eyes watching. When I walked over to tell her to stop, she threw a little fit, and proceeded to bang the casket handle one last time. YOU. HAVE. GOT. TO. BE. KIDDING! So we rounded up the children, and tried to usher them back to the furthest room away, while still in the funeral home. I was hoping to find an empty closet, but no luck. Bless my husband for trying to contain them so I could visit. He is a saint, I tell you. SAINT! He didn't even comment as to how long I visited. He entertained them for a while, and then when they started hanging from the curtains and climbing the walls...He calmly came over and told me "we will be in the van." That's all. He even had a pleasant smile while leaving.