Thursday, November 29, 2007


I'm embarrassed to say how much I underestimate the power of prayer. On yesterday's post I requested prayer for an earlier appointment to the ENT. The Lord answered that! The nurse called today to ask to move my appointment up from 1:30 to 1:15. I was confused since she was talking about today! Apparently she forgot to call me yesterday to tell me that she found an appointment for me. Thank you to everyone of you that are faithful friends and prayed. And thank you to those of you who prayed for a quick recovery. I feel so much better than yesterday....which is crazy to me because usually strep has me down for a few days. I'm still very tired, but feeling so much better. God is GOOD. So about the live-in nanny I requested....still haven't heard anything about that one. And mama is going to need one. The Doctor is suggesting surgery to remove the contaminated tonsils. That will take place next Wednesday, December 5th. The Dr. is telling me it is a 12 day recovery time, so I'm a little nervous about being in that much pain. But lets not think about that yet, o.k.? Thankfully Donovan has an understanding boss that will hopefully give him the time off that he needs.

So on to changing subjects.....Here is a picture taken on the way home from Michigan last weekend. I had to add a picture because it was just getting boring to see no pictures....wasn't it? I mean if I don't put the pictures on my blog I have to go back to feeling guilty about not getting any scrap booking done. And that is sad.

The first time I looked through the pictures I never noticed what was in the background. Jack is easily upset and after being in the car for 3 hours things were only becoming more and more ugly by the minute. Suzy was also sad, so I managed to dig a toy camera out from underneath the seat that she hadn't seen in a while and she was pleased as punch. I can't remember why Jack is dis-satisfied in the background but it isn't as bad as it looks, really. I promise. For goodness sakes it looks as if we made him sit on small and sharp objects. And we didn't because we are not that kind of parents. Sometimes Jack feels as though life isn't fair....He's into feelings right now, and expressing them. Today after he found out that his little brother and sister were going to Grandma's for the day, He gets a very troubled look on his face and declares, "I feel jealous! I want to go to Grandma's, It's not fair!" Part of life child, get used to it. That's not what I actually said, just what I thought. So being the kind of parents that we are, I said the right thing instead of what I was thinking. I explained to him that he gets to do lots of fun things in school, he goes on field trips, he has gym class, he gets to ride the bus, and best of all he gets a snack every day at school! (Best of all because he has a passion for food like mama...remember?) All of which little brothers and sisters get to do. Presto...a smile. And a happy camper.

Well onto mothering types of things.....Jack and Isabella are home from school now and Jack is wondering why he can't paint his arms.

P.S. Thanks Grandma for taking Suzy and William today!

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cheryl said...

Like I said yesterday, don't stress too much about the pain. I know everyone's different, but it was honestly nothing compared to the pain I had with sore throats. I think I took Tylenol twice. They offered me narcotics and I didn't even want them. I'm glad you're feeling a little better today and I'll keep praying you continue to get better. If I didn't already have a job, I'd maybe think about signing up to be the nanny for a little while. They're all so cute. I think I could eat Suzy right up. I'm sure they all have their moments when they're not so cute, but don't we all?