Wednesday, November 7, 2007

losing teeth

Much to Isabella's delight she lost her first tooth on the top yesterday after school. She has lost 4 on the bottom, but those top teeth were hangin' on tight.
So the kids are all home from kindergarten for the next 3 days and Isabella gets out at 11:00 for the rest of the week due to parent/teacher conferences. It seems like a lot of people here for during the day. I'm not used to's amazing how fast you grow into a routine. School has just started 2 1/2 months ago.

And how sweet to Suzanna run to the door to greet her sister home from school. Those 2 are such good friends despite the 6 year age gap.

Well now on with lunch...any suggestions? Isabella thinks she should pick due to her losing another tooth....however that is only because she knows there are chicken, black beans and rice burritos left over from last night. She seems to be worried about the possiblity of eating those for lunch.


Sherri said...

Love the close-up picture of your beautiful daughter.

Bobbie said...

Do you blame her???...anything with beans makes me shutter!!! (:
Just use my motto....."when in out!!"...or little caesar's does just fine too!!

Lyndon said...

When you said, "Much to Isabella's delight..." I thought it was going to be, "Much to Isabella's dismay..." But I guess when you are that age it is still fun to loose teeth!

Cottonista said...

Yeah, how would we as adults feel about going around with missing teeth? Smile big, now!

heather said...

One problem Bobbie, there is no Little Caesar's in our town. :(

Krista-in 1st and 2nd grade it's actually kinda embarrassing to still have "baby" teeth. Since she is the youngest in her class it has taken her a long while to loose teeth-This makes her feel so cool to have a spacey smile. :)