Wednesday, November 21, 2007

one more day.....

It has been so fun to read each & every one of your comments! If you haven't yet left a comment, you can do it here. Keep them coming...and tomorrow I will draw the winner.

Yesterday I was in Isabella's class for the first time. What a treat to see what she does all day. All 4 of the 2nd grade classes had a special feast to celebrate Thanksgiving. They all made hats to either be Pilgrims or Indians.

ANd they got a special lunch of turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, & a homemade roll. It was delicious!! This lunch was only for the 2nd graders, the rest of the school had the regular menu item. Then instead of eating in the cafeteria they set up long tables in the art room and took their lunch in their for their special feast. Isabella was so excited....however worried about 2 things. First, she had came home Monday with the other front tooth sideways and about to fall out. I offered to pull it, but she was worried since the "thanksgiving feast" was the the very next day she would not look like a real pilgrim with 2 missing front teeth. I assured her there were pilgrim children with missing teeth. Pulled it. Done. Now her 2nd worry....she knows that there were no pilgrims with glasses. Again, I assured her there were probably some with glasses. She pressed on and said in all the books she has read and pictures she has seen she has never seen pilgrims with glasses. It is so interesting to me the things that trouble a young 7 year olds' heart. However by the morning of the feast she quit worrying and didn't mention it again.

I also sat in on "Author of the week". This is a time when 2-3 children in the class get to read what they have been writing during class. Isabella was chosen and read a letter she had written to Jack. It was so sweet. Amazing what school has done for her shy personality. Two years ago she would have not been able to get in front of her class and talk. Now she can and it went smoothly for her.

Hope you all are having a great fall day and enjoying the rich blessings each and everyone of us has. We just have to remember to look for them and be Thankful.


Cindy said...

Ahhh ... Isabella is beautiful! Even if there were no pilgrims with glasses, I am sure each pilgrimette had a Mother who loved and cared for them as much as you do Heather!

heather said...

Thanks can you find me a picture of a pilgrim with glasses and some Jones' soda?

Anonymous said...

Isabella, you are the cutest Pilgrim ever! I hope you save your letter to Jack and read it to him again when he's 16! Love you, Rosetta