Monday, November 12, 2007


I thought this picture deserved a post all to it's own. This picture was taken from our adventures last week....just after lunch. Karis walked over to Suzy and held out her hand. Suzy took it and had the biggest cheesiest grin I ever saw. Pure. Delight! There is such a sweet innocence with one year old's. SO much fun.


Lyndon said...

They are so cute they deserve to be together every day! Can we go to lunch again?

Grandma G. said...

What a darling picture and story of 2 little cousins! Glad you caught it on camera.
Grandma G.

Sherri said...

That picture deserves a frame. So CUTE!

Cottonista said...


Bobbie said...

Just keep in mind who her best friend will be!!! (:
****REALLY cute picture of these two!!****
You know that I am just jealous that we don't live closer!!! LOL