Thursday, November 8, 2007

cleanin' up

Yesterday Jack pointed out that our night flowers were all dead. Actually I planted morning glories & moon flowers-but I like his name for them better. The "night flowers" only bloom at dusk and were so fun to watch all summer. Anyways, I had a great idea to get all their energy out from being indoors all day. I bundled them up and told them to go ahead and rip out the dead vines. They had so much fun, and so did little sister watching from the window. I wonder if they would be o.k. if I gave them a ladder and had them work on the gutters tomorrow?


Kim said...

Heather, isn't it fun to let boys be boys. I bet they will remember you letting them do that forever. Also, thanks for the inspiration to do this myself (the blog).

heather said...

Kim, I love your blog....You are off to a great start!! And like you said on your post kids too are getting a little board without school. Poor things.