Friday, November 9, 2007

field trip

Well due to the break from school....we planned a little field trip for Thursday to help pass the time, and honestly help me from going insane. This mama can only take so many days at home in a row. Donovan had a big install planned for all day Thursday so he thought it would be fun if the kids (and I) could see what he was doing. It wasn't far from home, so we piled in and went. The boys absolutely LOVED it! (Too bad Isabella had 1/2 a day and was in school while we went-she would have loved it too.) Donovan was installing 6 new systems with overhead compartments for these packaging pillows to go into. If you click here you can learn more about the company Donovan works for....if not read on below. The boys were fascinated with the shipping conveyors-I was fascinated that they didn't get run over by a fork lift zooming by every 5 minutes. It was a lot of fun to see their excitement and to see and understand better what in the world Dono does all day. He was actually on a 30 ft. boom to install chains that hold those blue bins hanging from the ceiling. I think I might have called during one of those times he was on the boom. "Really, Donovan when are coming home?" Really your busy...what really? Anyways.....after this little trip we went back home to meet Isabella getting off the bus and Krista to go to lunch. I know, I know. How cool to have lunch plans!! Doesn't happen enough for me. Remember I don't get out much. And the trip to Goshen would explain why I don't go much. Screaming, fussing, complaining about who got to sit by the little one year old who came with Krista. Along with complaints about he's blowing on me, She's ignoring me, He just spit on me, She won't give me the monkey......PEOPLE! Remember I'm livin' the dream...and in my dream we take the car ride quietly and look at the beautiful fall colors on the trees. Oh well, bless them I guess they were really hungry. So went to Pizza Hut to use the book it coupons the kids earned from school and then another field trip. I know 2 in one day is a bit ambitious. I was feeling brave. We went to where Krista's husband works and I was dropping her off, so we ventured inside to see what exactly he does all day.

Very cool this field trip came with safety glasses! And even fork lift rides. What a fun day...despite the claustrophobic car ride.


Sherri said...

Loved this post, Heather. Brought back a lot of memories for me of when I would go with Kevin when he worked for Sealed Air. What a great opportunity for the boys to see what dad does.

krista said...

Field trip...this was like 2 field trips in one day! Don't overdue it now!