Tuesday, November 6, 2007

barn party

Grandma Gingerich with Jack, William, and Suzanna on the hay ride.

This past Friday, our church had a fall party in my brother & sister -in-law's barn. It was complete with a hay ride, bobbing for apples, fall desserts, & hot mulled cider! Just a perfect day to celebrate fall.

Suzanna LOVES kitty's. She loves to follow them around and saing her own version of "kitty". It almost makes me want to get her one of her own.....but not quite. This kitty was very gentle and patient for a little one year old following her around pulling her tail. Uncle Jon tells me that this mama cat is about ready to have kittens.

On the hay ride. Karis and Suzy are cousins and 2 weeks apart.

Isabella on the upper level of the barn. This is what I hear her daddy used to do....swing from the rafters. She had great fun & luckily didn't break any bones.


Bobbie Blakemore said...
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krista said...

I didn't know the kids were swinging up there! I should have checked it out.

Sherri said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Love Suzy's coat...she looks like a little diva.