Tuesday, November 13, 2007


This past weekend we were in Indy for just a little one night get away. We left Saturday morning and first went to The Children's Museum , fun, fun, fun! Thankfully they had strollers to rent since we forgot ours. Tell me after 4 kids how on earth do you forget to take the stroller when you have a one year old?

Here is the entrance to the museum....Donovan and the kids are standing at the railing.

It was a fun little get away and it seems the kids get easier as they get older to travel with. I would have to say the part the kids loved best was swimming in the hotel pool. That was a huge highlight for Isabella as she learned to swim this summer. She was showing off doing cannonballs and having the time of her life. Many times at the museum, the kids kept asking, "When are we going back to the hotel?" Come-on kids we're livin' the dream going to the Children's museum. This is a big deal. Bless them anyways...I remember as a kid for it to be a huge deal to get to go swimming at a hotel. We topped the night off with a pizza after swimming, and even got it for free- because the driver thought we wanted carry-out. Gee maybe that's why after an hour we still didn't have our pizza? The next day we packed up and went out for breakfast and my highlight was a little window shopping. The mall we went to had a pottery barn and that is just eye candy for me. Love the ideas! So we spent all of $5, and I'm pretty sure the sales clerk at pottery barn never rang a customer up for that little of an amount.

One more little story we had with a son of ours still makes me smile. You see- on the way home people were getting a little stir crazy, a little fussy, you know how it goes with kids on a trip. Well Donovan was setting down the law with the oldest daughter and for some reason lately Jack likes to laugh of make fun when other siblings who are in trouble. So Donovan could see this taking place and said, "Jack, stop laughing or, OR, (pause) you know the feeling when you pause because you are trying to come up with a suitable punishment. ) So Donovan ends the sentence with---I will come and wipe that smile off your face" He has never said that, and it struck me funny, but I remained silent. Enough said and Jack whipped into shape. Well about 10 minutes later Donovan was getting warm and asked me to help him take off his coat while driving. He looks back at the kids, and then takes off his seat belt and starts to take off his coat. Jack has a look of pure fear in his face and asks, "what are you doing dad?" Donovan tells him, just taking off my coat. Jack replies in dead serious tone and says, "Oh, I thought you were coming back here to wipe that smile off my face."

You just gotta write it down or too soon these days will be gone and you'll forget.


Bobbie said...

WOW!!!......You two are the most awesome parents!!!
My husband would wonder what I was smokin' if I told him I wanted to take our 4 there!!!
Super cool that you went and that you had a great time!! .....HOW will they ever learn to behave correctly in those situations if you never put them in it!!...... I was referring to the kids!!! (:

Sherri said...

What a fun trip! I've heard lots of great things about that museum...we would like to go sometime this winter. Thanks for sharing!