Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Unbelievable! I have strep again. Yes, That is 3 times in the last 6 weeks. Evidently I am becoming immune to the antibiotics, because they are not working. I just finished the last pill on Sunday, a stronger antibiotic that the previous and for 10 days. And now I started with sore throat last night, accompanied by ear pain, fever and just for fun the chills. And might I add a Urinary Tract Infection, (AGAIN) just so you understand that both ends burn. the Dr. again this morning, swabbed the throat again. choke. gag. Shock, it's positive again. Pee in a cup....Shock, again positive. Is this becoming humorous? How one gets sick so often? I'm sure that is what everyone is thinking. It's embarrassing actually. And depressing.

So due to the strep friend I have, that will not leave me alone....I am going for an appointment at an ENT (ears, nose, throat) specialist hopefully tomorrow. The appointment is set for Monday but I'm hoping and praying for a cancellation so that I can be seen earlier and schedule a surgery to have my tonsils removed. AS. SOON. AS. POSSIBLE. The Dr. seems to think that will help with the recurring strep.

So a big thank you to Krista, for taking the younger 2 kids today. A big thank you to Aunt Ruby for bringing over the Shaklee. And a bigger thank you in advance to all of you that will help me pray for a quick recovery, an appointment tomorrow, and a live-in nanny. And now I will be going so that I can spray Lysol on the computer keys.

P.S. Will someone turn off that Christmas music? It's making me mad to think of missing the Gingerich Christmas this Sunday.


Sherri said...

Oh Heather...too bad you can't get your tonsils out tomorrow...we could share a hospital room. :) I'll be praying for you.

cheryl said...

Hey Heather, sorry you're feeling so rotten! I went through the same thing for many winters and finally got the tonsils out my junior year of H.S. It was great! It didn't hurt nearly as bad as the sore throats had. Also, it was Dec. 27, and it was a great way to actually LOSE weight over the holidays:)

I'll keep you in my prayers!

PS, while you're praying, a fellow crew member from this summer is very ill with malaria and is probably going to be heli-vacced back to the US soon. She could use a little petitioning as well.

heather said...

Ya Sherri, I wish I could come to Ft. Wayne and room with you.

And Cheryl I am glad to hear you did not have a bad experience with the surgery.....I've heard it is really painful. And bonus to lose that extra weight. :)

Grandma G. said...

Sorry to hear you are sick, Heather!
Hope the Dr. can figure out how to stop this recurring sore throat. If it's any comfort, there were a number of others home sick from church tonight. You're on our prayer list!

Anonymous said...

As soon as I started reading your blog, I thought, "get rid of those tonsils!" I had mine out as an adult~good news~the frequent sore throats were over and the Dr stopped getting all my money. Bad news~(can't lie about it) my throat was so sore~it felt like it was on fire. I kept ice packs over my throat constantly to try to ease the pain. Good news~once it quit hurting it was over. I've not been bothered since. I don't remember losing weight but I know I couldn't eat much for several weeks. Enjoy all that holiday food and candy and then let them take those tonsils out.
About that live-in nanny...I can't live in but I'll try to come help you for a day or two (when Wilma doesn't need me).
Lots to pray about...for Heather, for Cheryl's friend, and for my sister, Wilma who starts chemo on Monday. Any other prayer requests? Because I know prayer works!
On the brighter side~today I went to an "applesauce party". 13 of the Carpenter aunts/cousins got together to make applesauce for Wilma and her family. We had a lot of fun working together! It's wonderful to have family and friends to help in times of need. Blessings to those of you that have been helping Heather.
My thoughts and prayers are with you Heather...Love you, Rosetta

krista said...

It was a pleasure to watch your little ones! Why don't we do that even when you aren't sick? I must say, Karis seemed a little overwhelmed that they were still there for supper. Little squirt. But we managed and it was fun to interact with them. I had Karis and Suzy giving high 10's to each other and giggling. Sorry, you would have got it on camera...but I was too slow. I did get a few pictures of them putting my bowls on their heads from my cupboards. It was so funny!

Anonymous said...

wait a minute! i saw your pix and heather, i'm sorry but you just really look like you don't need to be loosing more weight!!

thanx for the tip, i chkd out joyce's site. :+)
ps. i'll be getting you that pony info.

Cottonista said...

I'm so sorry, Heather! How miserable. I hope you can get this all taken care of before Christmas gets here. I had my tonsils out in 4th grade. I remember it hurt, but it was more exciting than painful, because I got to miss a week of school.