Monday, November 10, 2008

Actually, I decided to take the van instead of the pony.

Earlier this fall at our church campout there were several couples around the campfire that started talking about the beloved Ikea. There were a couple of the girls who had never been there, and others of us that carry a map of Ikea in our purse at all times. Just to brush up on where things are for the next trip. So this started the idea to go overnight and make a little girls get a way. We left Saturday morning at 8 a.m. I won't tell you what time we got there...because it took a bit longer than it should have.

So after a bit of shopping at Ikea we went for some deep dish pizza. This is a picture of lunch that we finally sat down to at 3:00 p.m. Then headed back to Ikea to polish off the 3rd floor of the store.

After our fix on Ikea we checked into our hotel. Our 5 star hotel Monica's husband found for about $60/night online!!! It was absolutely amazing! It ended up being only $20 per person!!! And my favorite part of our room was this....

It was a T.V. that was built into the mirror. I'm not really much of a T.V. buff, but how cool is this?? Cool enough to take a picture, is how cool! When you opened the double doors into the bathroom the T.V. automatically came on. It was kinda fun to have entertainment while on the throne. But really how clean do you think that remote is? Are any of you gagging at this point? Because seriously I thought about it, but it didn't bother me at all to change the channel.

After checking in to our room....We went in search for supper. We found the Cheesecake Factory at the Woodfield Mall. There was an hour wait to eat, So some us went shopping and one of us did this....

I had been needing a change, needing a fresh off came 6 inches. I am so excited! I love it. After my cut....our table was ready at the Cheesecake Factory.

Our supper was so good!!!

Some of us, had some loud moaning going on during cheesecake. It is that good.

After our late supper....we headed back to our 5 star....and got an in-room movie. It was just like a little slumber party. There was more talking, more laughing, and little sleep going on for the rest of that night/early morning. But really who cares? Because no one is getting up with a baby/children during the night, or the next morning. I think I finally drifted off about 3 a.m.

The next morning we got ready & went to breakfast. Here is the hotel lobby, at the fire place.

Here's the group....Rose S., Rose Y., Me, Monica

Back row: Carla, Julie, Brooke.

My welcome home....was very welcome. Obviously, Jack is hot blooded...since he is wearing a tank top while there are snow flurries outside. And yes, if you're wondering if that IS a key chain hanging from his collar of his shirt. What? Don't your kids do that?

Look at this happy pants....I went along with him on a field trip today. He couldn't have been more giddy. Me either. It was so refreshing to have a little breather from the day to day. It just makes me appreciate my kids all over. We went to the Elco Preforming Arts Center for a musical about the children's book...If you Give a Pig a Pancake, and several other children's books. It was cute.

Quote of the day:

From William on Sunday:

His Sunday School teacher: Where did your mommy go today?

William: "She went to town a riding on a pony"


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather,
It looks so strange seeing Jack in school, but not at OVES. I went to IKEA for the first time in October. WOW! What a place. And we also ate at a Cheesecake Factory. Yummy, yum! Have a great week. By the the hair.


Jenn said...

LOL about riding on a pony. I love the funny things that can come out of a kids mouth.

The hair looks adorable. Totally love it!

Looks like you had lots of fun. I saw Rose S. in the pics. Tell her I said "HI!"

Sherri said...

Ikea should pay you for all the people you've introduced to their store. :) I was one of them too. Love that store!

And LOVE your hair!!! Very cute! Did you surprise your hubby?

Kim said...

Oh Heather, your hair is so cute! And I am so glad that you had a great time, but I have to admit, I miss you terribly!

Jen Bontrager said...

Glad you guys had fun. Also glad Donovan told you about the quote of the day because I was going to if he didn't. That William is just so cute!

Bobbie said...

Love your hair!!!
Very JEALOUS that I wasn't in Chicago too!!
I am glad you had so much fun and got to know your girl friends better!! (: Nice chatting today!

Holly said...

I love your hair! Hot momma! I am so happy for you that you got to have a mommas little retreat in Chicago! Wow! How cool! So, where are the hubbies gonna go now? They get a turn to, right?

Jess said...

Heather! I stayed at that same amazing hotel last year. Isnt' it so cool and funky? Loved it!!

Looks like you had a blast. Love the hair too - super cute!! :)


PS. Can I have a pony ride next time I'm in town? :D

RosyRose said...

Heather- Sorry I am so late in commenting! I have been busy trying to find my house....I think I finally did today:) Where's Brooke when I need her?!
Sorry about my lack of pic's I only had like 5 because of my battery/lighting problem. I love yours! Okay...back to work!
If ya wanna play ya gotta pay!

Beth said...

I LOVE your hair! I've been wanting a change too, just haven't figured out what yet.

Looks like you had a wonderful time!

Mary said...

That sounds delightfully fun.

Anonymous said...

Hey ~ talk about blogging queen, I think you're it!
I'm glad you had a great time at girls love that place, too. I just love going to Chicago w/them! In fact, I am taking Jadyn and Kim to Chicago for Jadyn's birthday this weekend and we're going to have tea @ American Girl Doll on Friday and staying the night downtown. On Saturday we'll do a little shopping and come home later in the day! Can't wait--cause we haven't been gone for a long time??????? :)
I do love your hair!

Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories said...

Heather, I found your blog through Rose at Lucky to be Me. I grew up in Indiana so I am always excited to find other Midwest girls. Your girls weekend out sounds FABULOUS! I love Chicago...just looking at your pictures makes me want to go on a big ol' shopping trip. :)

Your family is just beautiful!

Amber said...

cute hair! I've stayed at that hotel for a conference! I think I jumped 5 feet when I flipped on the lights and the mirror started talking to me! Good thing it was the TV! Your post makes me think I need to plan another trip to Ikea stat! last time I was there I was prego and its not as much fun walking through there with swollen feet!

Anonymous said...

cute hair Heather! aha!you were going to suprise me at the library but it did'nt work.ha ha!

Stacey said...

LOVE the hair Heather! I am cracking up about the remote in the bathroom. laughed right outloud on that one!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Looks like a wonderful time! My girlfriends I went there a month or two ago but didn't stay overnight. But isn't Ikea FUN?!