Sunday, October 3, 2010

sauce it up

 After reading my cousin's post about apple day it reminded me that I had never posted our apple day pictures.  SO here it goes. 
 For the last 9 or so years~we have always called in the troops for apple sauce day.  Including parents, grandparents, and sometimes aunts.  In 2003 we did 5 bushel and begged for anyone and everyone who would donate their time.  At that time Isabella was 3, Jack was 1 and I was pregnant with William. We went through a ton of sauce.  So we made a lot of it, and used it often for a "filler."  A cheap alternative for buying  a lot of baby food.   
 Last year we did 4 bushel and while we used it a lot in lunches and at meals we still had close to 40 jars left.  So this year we scaled back and did only 1 1/2 bushel.  The kids have always been so disappointed that applesauce day in the last couple years have happened while they were at school.  So this year~it was us.  Just the 6 of us.   On a rainy Saturday morning~makin' sauce.
 It was such a shock to me how they worked together.  How each had a job, enjoyed it, and felt so important.  Funny how usually doing dishes, dusting, and sweeping does not bring the same results. 

 Some played more than others, and needed more "encouragement" to stay focused on the task. 
 But overall they were a big help, and enjoyed the process.

Isabella at her age is the most diligent.  She enjoys seeing a task until the end.  She worked on filling the jars, and labeling.  And any other job that she could squeeze in while waiting for more jars to fill.  She reminds me of her dad more and more every day.  :) 
Quote of the day: 
Jack:  "I don't feel "right" about sleeping in my room tonight"
Donovan: "Well change your "feeling" about it."


Mary said...

Oh the patience you build on days like that. Way to go mom for including all the "good help."

Jewel said...

What a great family memory!

My Life said...

I wondered when you were going to post your applesause pics....Me and the girls will be doing that hopefully this week. we have a couple nice warm days coming so we thought that would be the time to go picking. Out of many jars did you get with 1 1/2 bussels? Not sure what to get being our first apple saucing experience. I have my great grandma's recipe cannot wait. So any additional tips would be helpful you pro you!!! Oh and we need to plan for our second meeting soon.

Love ya girlie!!