Tuesday, January 27, 2009

dick, jane, and the baby

I thought the Grandparent's, Aunt's and Uncle's (and maybe the rest of you) would like to see our newest reading member of the family. William just learned to read yesterday. He's like a sponge he absorbs it so quickly. William wants to learn more and more every time we sit down, so fun to have an eager student. Now if I could get him to read a recipe book, he could start making dinner every night.

Quote of the day:

During supper last night.

Isabella: "Dad, William is spitting on me."

Dad: "William stop spitting on your sister. That's not polite."

William: "tattle teller ISABELLA!"

William- a few seconds later: "Dad, I'm not going to say your cool anymore."


Grandma G. said...

Great job, William! I loved to hear you read on the computer. You are so cool. Now you can be a book worm like your sister and brother.
Love, Grandma

RosyRose said...

Good job! What a fun accomplishment! And LOL that Don is punished by not being a "cool" dad:) I'm sure he'll come around again:)!

Beth said...

That is so funny about him dissing on his Dad! I do believe that Katelyn was thinking something close to that tonight. I got after her for talking back, boy, did I get "The Look"! Good job on the reading!

Anonymous said...

good job william, i promise you will soon find out that you can go anywhere in a book. did your mom tell you that is the same set of books that gramma fay started with?of course those were a lot older. God bless all--love melissa gail

Holly said...

I am so proud of your little guy! Very impressive! He must have an AWESOME set of parents! I love this little guy so much! I am so proud of him!

cheryl said...

Good for you, William! That's great. It's true. A book can takae you anywhere in the world you want to go. Heather, how's Donovan doing? Is he getting over the devasatation? ha

sherri said...

This is so absolutely adorable! I must copy this post on my blog with my little reader. :)

Great job, William!!