Thursday, February 5, 2009

city cat moves to the farm

This week started with a super bowl party that I never watched. Which doesn't surprise me because I really only go for the food and friends. So this year was no different. My friend Marlys hosted the super bowl bash and invited one other family which are equally just as fun. The guys headed downstairs to the basement and settled in the kids ran and played and us women folk....we talked. And ate. Then talked some more. I looked up at the clock for the first time all night and thinking it would be around 8:30....was shocked to see it was 9:50. I'm not sure how time went that fast!!! So we headed out shortly after that and got the kids home and tucked into bed.

I landed in bed around midnight Sunday night. And then woke up about 1:30 a.m. hearing my phone vibrate in the kitchen. I pretended I didn't hear it. It buzzed again. And again. So I come out to see 3 text messages from someone I didn't know, saying things I didn't like. So I politely asked this "person" to please stop sending text messages, I do not know them. They must have the wrong number. They sent me another text message telling me to blank blank off and blah blah blah. Thank you so much I just wasted another 50 cents on someone who I don't even know, saying things I don't like, and getting mad that I'm up so late. So I went back to bed, and listened to my cat moan and groan because she is in heat. It was useless. I lay in bed for 30 minutes and could not go to sleep. Then Donovan started snoring. I knew it was over at that point. So I got up and started answering emails and playing around on facebook. And then Isabella started talking in her sleep, and as if on cue Suzy started talking in her sleep about 30 minutes later. REALLY??? Should I also reveal that I had cramps or is that TMI? I finally went back to bed about 4 a.m. What a way to start the week off.

The best part of this week is we found a new home for the cat in heat. She had to go. There was just no action for her here...and seriously she had been in heat since around Christmas. She was a good outdoor cat...but all good things must come to an end. Last night a guy from our small group took her home-- to his dairy farm which has lots of milk, lots of mice, and ahhhhh...male cats. She will be so very happy in her new home I am sure.

Today Jack our 6 1/2 year old woke up crying of ear pain, sore throat, and as he put it, "my brain hurts." So I took him into the Doctor, and on the way I was thinking he isn't acting sick at all now. We were listening to the radio and he was playing the air guitar and told his brother, William, "you're on the drums." So they are back there in their seat belts with their imaginary band and Suzy is playing right along with them. It brought a smile to my face. But then thinking that why am I taking Jack to the Dr. when he will probably tell me he has something viral, to get plenty of fluids and rest. Blah, blah, blah. Well I was wrong. The appointment was worth the drive and the co-pay. He has an ear infection and walking pneumonia. How lovely. Since I already have cabin fever. So here we are with Dr. orders for Jack to be off of school again tomorrow. Hmmm...the walls are closing in already.

Along with an antibotic the Dr. also had me put Jack on a nebulizer for breathing treatments. Which he has to do 4 times a day. Which he hates. Which made him throw up after the first one I gave him today. So wow…I’m hoping it goes better tonight. Because daddy has to be gone overnight tonight for work. And wow...How I totally hate to clean up throw up. And I'm already missing hubby thinking about him being gone ALL night long. Absence (even if only for one night) makes the heart grow fonder right? And makes you appreciate all the things your spouse does for you without any sort of gratitude. So I'm already formulating a surprise for tomorrow night when he gets home. But need some help...any ideas?????


Anonymous said...

hey sister, it is always so interesting to hear about your day and nights, lol. on the line of sugestions, without being too G, why don't you let it be "his choice". sometimes the outcome can be intriging as it is surprising. love u-- let me know if it is,--melissa gail

RosyRose said...

Ahh Heather I am so sorry! Do you want me to get my pillow and come over for the night! I could you know! I would be better company then that miserable cat!!I promise!
You know what my suggestion is...
Try that! He already told you he would like it! I think you should!!

Holly said...

What a rough week for you! Sheesh! I hope Jack gets better soon! I bet your hubby loved reading this blog! How much you appreciate him! You know and about the ideas I think he would be just as happy to be at home with his 4 wonderful kids & his awesome wife. I think you 2 could even just as simply enjoy each other tomorrow night and he would still feel like the luckiest man ever! I know it's rough on you when he's gone over night, but just think how he feels! He has no one where he is & I am sure he is thinking too how lucky he is and how fortunate he is to have a beautiful wife that takes excellent care of not only their 4 kids but herself as well! He will enjoy whatever YOU think of! Give all my sweeties an extra squeeze for me & tell them I love them! I haven't seen them in like almost 2 weeks already and I feel it's been over a month. I am going to have either come there or their gonna have to come here! Love you lots!

Shandon said...

Dear Jack,

I know how it feels to be sick and I am sorry that you are sick now! Get well soon! I am glad that I got to meet you and William. Did you get my mail? From Shandon

Anonymous said...

Yes, Heather, I understand that my child just wrote a little note to Jack at this hour! But we are living it up tonight cuz he gets to skip school tomorrow ..whooping cough confirmed at our school! So tomorrow we are playing basketball in the shop together!!:) He's my quality-time-together child!

Sorry about your interesting Mama week! Some weeks....are just plain hard!!

And about them heated I soo shrivel when I hear it..

Our children really enjoyed their time with your kids and one asked "is their Mama famous?" Yep, I said! Famous Rock Star Mama!!!

Ideas? A romantic dinner at your favorite restaurant with "dessert" at home followed with a weekend with no chores!

Praying for your week.."to rise above" of what was! Kathryn

Beth said...

Hey.... I can totally feel the Cabin Fever syndrome problem. It does always seem that at this time of year when I personally need a break from the indoors, my kids start getting sick. I take it as a personal attack soemtimes and then shame myself for thinking that they would really rather not be puking or hacking a ling out this time that it's not personal. The cat thing... OH HOW ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING! I can't stand this point of the year that the female cats go into heat and yowl and carry on, then bring their "johns" home with them to make unGodly noises outside of windows late at night or to the Kitchen door to do their "Thing" just as we are sitting down to dinner! Procreation is nice but, why do they feel the need to involve us?! I love my cats, jut love 'em better when they are fixed! Hoope your next week goes better for you.

Ben Bontrager said...

Hey Heather, it's Ben. Yes, I read your blog ... me and about a hundred women. You're an entertaining writer and it's a great way to keep up with you and Donovan. Thanks for the work you put into it. I've been a closet reader up to this point, but this post is drawing me out. I can't leave Donovan's fate in the hands of a bunch of women (sorry ladies).
So here's the best I can come up with: sex before supper. He'll never see it coming. The rest of the evening will take care of itself. Don't wait until it's too late and you're both tired.

Donovan, if you're reading this - you owe me...big. B^2 out.

krista said...

Are we talking before or after the kids are in bed?

sherri said...

What a week, Heather! So glad it is almost over and that your hubby is back in your arms again. Can't wait to hear about the surprise date you had. :)