Wednesday, February 11, 2009

making them earn their keep

When things are quiet during the day...I worry. For instance last week I was finishing up cleaning up breakfast and noticed things were quiet. Too quiet. So I went into my bathroom to find this....

I asked Suzy...."what are you doing?" Suzy replied, "I got my cozy pants on and I'm cleanin'" Luckily I found her before she used the entire roll of paper towels. I love that she wanted to help. I love that she wants to serve. I love that she can get her jammies off and kinda dress herself. Even if she forgot to change out of her jammie shirt or comb her hair. I cut her a little slack...she is just 2.
Later that week....I put them both to work. I find it helpful to give them little jobs like loading the washer and drier just to keep their little hands busy. Sometimes I think it would be so much easier just to do it myself and faster. I actually separate my loads and put them into baskets, then Suzy and William empty that basket into the washer. It would be so much quicker just to do it myself. But there's something about making them feel a part of what makes this house run. They love to help and be hands on.

It's hard to believe this little sweet boy will be starting school in 6 months!!! William is so cheerful (most of the time) and eager to please. And just thinking of him not being here during the day....reminds me this time is so short, even though at times time consuming and frustrating.

The funniest thing about my cleaning routine is that they both fuss to clean the toilet. REALLY??? So I let them each do one. Not saying that they actually get it very clean...but they love to swirl the cleaner around and make bubbles. And hey, it keeps them occupied for a good 15 minutes. When I went to get William started on his toilet....I came back to find this little girl multi-tasking....scrubbing the toilet while talking on her pretend cell phone. Wow, where did she learn such talent? I give you one guess my friends. :)
Quote of the day
Isabella was putting soap in the dishwasher.
William: "WOW!!! Isabella you're really good at that!!!"

What can I say?...The girl has talent.
My favorite part is that William was being such an encourager.


Holly said...

Your kids are learning so much at a young age! They are all little geniuses! Your kids rock! Love 'em all! Love ya!

Jen Bontrager said...

I love it! My kids like to help too, especially the toilet! I've started making Isaac match and fold the socks every Monday after school- he hates it! I dread Monday afternoons now because of the excessive whining. Sometimes it is almost funny, but of course I don't laugh. I'm waiting for the day he realizes his whining isn't doing a darn thing and just gets it done!
Did you get a new washer/dryer? Nice. :)

The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

Great post! I did one very similiar to it...I joked that I didn't care how young they were I was alllll about making them earn their keep!!! Ha!!!

Great meeting you the other day too. Keep in touch!


Stacey said...

Heather, this is SOOO CUTE! Put them to work early I say! also, I LOVE your home! I love seeing pictures of the different rooms! You have a great decorating style!

sherri said...

Two sweet little helpers...I love it! I love your patience with them too...I need to learn to have more of it because it's very easy for me to just want to get the work done fast. Thanks for the reminder. :)

krista said...

So glad you got pics of that. Too bad you can't follow them around just taking pictures of them doing chores all day! What is the status of your camera? Hope you have yours back. Hope you have a good day, friend. Can't wait to talk!

Jenn said...

Love the reminder to help kids feel like they're needed. My kids love to know that they've helped me, but I often forget to give them things to do.

That Suzy is so much like her mom. I can totally see you scrubbing the toilet while talking on the phone. :)