Wednesday, August 4, 2010

poo on the zoo

Back on July 5th....this little baby of ours turned 4!! What?? Are you kidding me? How did that go so quick?
Her sibblings were just excited as her about her gift, I think.

We made cupcakes for her to take to Sunday School the day before and took one left over cupcake on her birthday morning, stuck 4 candles in it and quick sang a Happy Birthday and loaded up in the car.

Ended up here for little Suzy's birthday.

I would like to paint a nice family portrait about families going to zoo's. But here's the truth...not into it. I'm so over zoo's. I had seen Lincoln Park Zoo's pictures on friends facebooks...and thought, "Hmmm...that looks like fun. And it's FREE." I love free. So I'm not sure what did me in..was it the 92 degree weather? Was it pushing Donovan up and down hilly terrain all day? Was it animals that were too hot to come out of their protected environments? Or was it the animals we did see that were mostly laying around napping?

Sorry to be negative nelly. I just can't see the fun in zoo's. Now it did have it's moments....I will admit. I did catch some of those on camera...

Like the sleeping black leopard we saw. That was kinda fun.

Also liked the giraffe we saw from a distance.

The hippo was kinda cool, with colorful fish swimming on the other side of the glass.

However~the most anticipated exhibit was the white polar bear. Who....was MIA. We waited and waited. But no bear. Must have been on vacation.

Another highlight was when our 8 year old refused to share a drink with us. At $3.50 we bought 2 and shared...but "someone" didn't want to share and decided to pout instead. LOVELY.

After the zoo...we decided to go down to Michigan Ave. for just a bit. Suzy had been to the American Girl store, as a baby...but didn't remember it. She was in all her glory. Loved it. Loved that she loved just being there and looking. No begging. Just looking and having fun.
Also made a stop by the Lego store...which was fun for all 4!
The entire day she was just a little pumpkin. Loved celebrating her. Despite my dislike of zoo's.
Happy 4th Birthday Suzanna Faye. You are sunshine to my life.
Quote of the day:
Suzy: "Mom, Isabella's not obeying. She's still reading."
(I told her to turn off the light in the car and stop reading.)
Me: "I know what shall we do with her?"
Suzy: "Put her in the recycling."


Stacey said...

LOVE your transparency here Heather! I feel the same way sometimes, just wondering what I was thinking when we tackle certain things. :) Hugs!

Erin said...

You were in back yard again when you were in Chicago. When you were at the Zoo you were about 10 blocks from my house. I like the Lincoln Park Zoo becuase it is a nice zoo for free however the animals are not always out. It looks like you guys had fun on your family trip to Chicago.

laylablue said...

ahh zoo stories. super hot, blistering humidity summer get-aways... how can you beat that?

we took a last-minute excursion to chicago and for the very last thing we migrated over to lincoln park. not to the zoo, but to molly's cupcakes. (long story)
yummy cupcakes
$$$$$$ spendy
adorable bakery
super busy
half the store was overrun by pre-orders shipping out that day
need to go back
1st time in lincoln park area. wow.