Monday, August 16, 2010

honey do list (1 of 3)

So...I've decided to have a series of posts devoted to completed projects around the house. Not necessarly all of them that I have done...but gently encouraged ( or kicked in the rear-however you want to say it) Mr. G. to do. :) Tee hee.

For many years we had this Strawberry Shortcake Growth Chart that came free with a pair of shoes I bought for Isabella. It was this cheap little paper chart we taped up and reminded ourselves this was just "temperary" That turned into like 8 years. When we moved we carefully took it down, and have it neatly tucked in a box...somewhere.

When I was looking for a more perment solution...I found this at Pottery Barn Kids. Which I love~but HELLO??? $60????? So we were brain storming ways we could simplify it and copy it. D bought a thin sheet of plywood, but it only came in like 4 ft. sections. We were trying to figure out how to make this, and how we would hang it.

Then brilliant man...came up with the idea, instead of using glue, or nails....he should do it in sharpie marker right on the door~marking the inside of the door of a closet in our hallway. He took the door off the hinges....used his anal skills to get perfect lines and stencil looking numbers.....and wah lah~


WHAT??? AM I GROWING??? I "thought" I was 5 ft. 6 in. Found out I'm actually 5 ft. 7 in.!

We'll just see what happens over the next 10 years to ol' mom and pop.

Now if I could just figure out where I packed that Strawberry Shortcake Growth chart to transfer all the growth from the last 10 years.
Quote of the day:
While riding in the van....
Jack: "what can we do, I'm bored!" (a clue~he would like to watch a movie)
Donovan: "When mom and I were kids we didn't have DVD's in the car. We just looked out the window.
Jack: "yeah, well you had record players."
Donovan: "You couldn't take those in the car you goober shine."


My Life said...

This is so funny, we have done the same thing....when we (Patrick & I ) got together he had a closet door in his house that they kept all the kids heights and years on. Every year on thier birthday's we update the kids height, we transfered all the heights onto a door inside our house is really neat and fun for all. Love it!!!

Jewel said...

Oh.My.Goodness. I love it! I love your idea. Can I steal it? We 1st began measuring on the wall in Braylon's room. And then we decided to do it on a wall down in our basement. So I've been meaning to transfer the ones from Bray's room to the wall in the basement. But now...I should just wait...and do your idea!

sherri said...

How very very cute and fun this project is! I like the idea of just putting it on the back of a door...our chart keeps falling down.

Maybe at the next house. :)