Wednesday, November 4, 2009

scaring people with your glass eye

This post is dedicated to my first cousin, Steve. The whole thing....I'm just gonna talk about how awesome I think he is!! I love his wife, Jane too...but this time I'm just gonna talk about him.

About 3 months ago Steve was working and while using a nail gun he nailed some wood and a splinter of wood came shooting out and went into his eye. He was taken to the hospital and then later transferred to another bigger hospital with a specialist who evaluated his injury. It was decided that he needed surgery, and at the time he was hoping for partial sight someday. It was a very scary time for him and his wife. Months later after the healing and more doctors appointments it has been diagnosed that there will not be any sight in that eye and now it is affecting the health of the good eye. So this week on Friday my sweet, funny, cool, awesome cousin will be having surgery to remove his eye. After the socket heals he will be fitted for a glass eye.

Last night we were at Steve's parents house (my aunt and uncles) for dinner.....and I was blown away by his attitude in all of this. He chooses joy. He chooses humor. He keeps it light, and just remains fun and FULL of life. I know he has had some very hard times, ups and downs...but he has remained optimistic. Last night several times he would make jokes with us about us being on his "bad" side and how he can't see us. Making jokes and just being so stinkin' funny.

Last night I asked Steve to tell me the story about when the accident happened...and he was telling me "yeah, and then that's when the splinter of wood went into my eye and it was bye bye retina forever..." There were so many times when he would make jokes and he was just his happy, fun loving self. I just sat back in awe of how he handles it. I know I would probably be having a pity party for myself. I would be thinking of all that was lost. He was focused on the good eye he has and the positive. He kept sayin' how fun it's gonna be to scare little kids with his glass eye. He also said him and his friend text back and forth and when ever they write "I" they spell it "eye." See what I mean?? ...this guy is a nut. I love him for it.

I'm ashamed that it takes situations like this for me to see how blessed I am. I can sometimes get so caught up in my day to day irritations or frustrations to realize how very very blessed and good I have it. I think the best medicine for getting so caught up in our own life, being so self focused, and the things we want to change or the things that frustrate to get caught up in your family and friends. Be with them and walk through their day with them. It's a lost art of sitting together around a table and sharing a meal with your family. Unless it's a holiday. I'm guilty of not making time for my family and friends. I hope to make strides of being caught up in my family.

So if you think about Steve, pray for him will ya? He's a great guy and facing a major life change this Friday.


Holly said...

I totally agree! He is so awesome! Fabulous post!

Holly said...

I totally agree! He is so awesome! Fabulous post!

Holly said...

I love the new picture for your blog!

Jen Bontrager said...

I have an uncle (also named Steve) who has a glass eye. He used to be able to pop it out. He would wrap it up in kleenex and give it to us as a gift. He also has a couple fake teeth that wound up in some interesting places. Yes, this Steve is your neighbor and your Aunt Fran's cousin. :)

Mary said...

Gorgeous family picture as your header. Lovely.

Isn't it great to be connected to great people? Steve sounds like a really "great people."

Thanks for sharing.

Jewel said...

I believe I know this Steve. I almost asked you if it was Steve ? & put his last name & then realized maybe I shouldn't for security reasons. So does his last name start with an "E?" :)

Lynette said...

My uncle has a glass eye as well - when I was a kid, he'd pop it out and put it in his mouth an make it "look" around from his slightly opened mouth. Then he'd act like he accidentally swallowed it - gross! About a month ago, when the family got together, I saw him out on the deck with my kids and their cousins - he was up to the same ole tricks! :) My kids were impressed!

sherri said...

Wow, what an inspiring story and post about your cousin. You are right and those we share it with is so precious and easily taken for granted. Thanks for the challenge.

Praying everything went ok on Friday and that he is recovering well.