Tuesday, November 17, 2009

people who encourage us

For the last week and a half...the kids are getting dropped off at our new building project by the bus. I find a little spot for them and they work on homework and then it's movie time for them and work time for us. Donovan had all of last week off so we started our days there around 7:30 and stayed long into the evenings. Depending on how well the kids did.
We've had some people along the way who asked to come help....like Donovan's parents, my sister, and in the above picture Aunt Gloria. Wished I could have gotten more pictures of all of our fine help. We also had the huge blessing of having different people take Suzy for the entire day so we would be able to work "3 year old free." As in no distractions! :) Thanks Marlys, Mom, Arlene, & Charlotte! I know Suzy had way more fun being with friends & family rather than painting with us.

And then we got the call that our entire small group wanted a project and was willing to come and work, including bringing dinner!
What a huge boost...physically and emotionally to have this group there that evening. Rose cordinatted a meal and it was so very delicious. We are so blessed to have this small group in our life!
Al and Jake (2 pictures up) worked on plastic sheeting on the the basement walls, Ed and Jb worked on storage/canning shelves...with a little help from Mussie, Noah, and Ryan.
Donovan was working on everything in between....breathing in the paint fumes all the while.
Jason worked on electrical and putting up light fixtures.
Norm was helping on that project of lighting/electrical.

Here's the whole group...well almost....just a few couldn't be there. I love these people!!!
Here's the living room with the finial coat going on the ceiling. Thanks Ed for the use of the scaffolding.
In the midst of this crazy time in our life...came our annual Ikea trip to Chicago. I was feeling like I would need to sit this year out...but Donovan encouraged me to go. I didn't hesitate. It was one night of pure fun, laughter and girl time. Much time was spent eating, a little sleeping, building friendships, and quite a bit of shopping. :) All things I L.O.V.E.!!!

quote of the day comes from my step-mom who stopped in the night we had our small group there for the work night.
Khankeo: "Billie, (My dad) we gotta get a new small group...one that doesn't take their teeth out at night."

I think she'd like some canning/storage shelves made.


Jewel said...

That is a hilarious quote!!!

Holly said...

Funny quote! Great pics of the house! Thanks for sharing!

Mary said...

That just warms me all up inside when I see people working together like that. Them's good people. :)

Anonymous said...

"people are surrounded by good people....because THEY are good people!!!!"

Rosetta said...

what a great post! Love how you have such a great group of people to help and encourage you! And even though I heard the quote earlier today, I had to laugh again-I can hear her saying that!

Anonymous said...

Are you moving in next week? It looks great! How nice to have a great church family to help out!

Cindy said...

To your small group: That'll be you before you know it! :) Great job on the helping.

I love the painted planked ceiling, if that's what you call it. Everything looks great!

RosyRose said...

So that is the funniest quote ever! I love it!
And I am right with you....Groups that look out for each other are so awesome to be part of!
I can't wait till we can eat popcorn in that living room:)