Saturday, October 3, 2009

healing of Jack

Two months ago to this very day (August 3rd) we were spending the evening in the hospital. And also the next 2 days and nights.
If you follow this blog you know we were in the hospital with our son, Jack who had 2 unexplained seizures. You can read about it on this post.

I am praising God in the Anniversary of that very scary day...that there has been NO more seizures. He has had a very normal past 2 months. Although so much changed in our days and nights with fear on my part and learning to let go. Learning to let God be God. Learning that I have no control over my future or Jack's. Although balancing that with the way things have changed for the care of Jack. Such as he can not be by himself in the bath or go to the bathroom at school with out a buddy to go with him. Also the Dr. recommended keeping a rear-view mirror on him while driving in the van. Just to be able to check on him. Jack is also still on seizure medicine, that he takes morning and night. Just a small dose. I am thankful he has adjusted to this medicine well and we see very little side effects.

For those first few days when we came home from the hospital I remember wanting to check on his every move every 10 minutes or so. I remember one of my favorite nurses that we had while in the hospital telling us when she discharged us that I would feel like that. Nervous and wanting and feeling like I need to check on him. The nurse told me to go ahead and check, it will reassure my mind that he is o.k. and put my soul at ease. Each day got easier and as the weeks pass...I find myself letting go. Letting go of the fear.

Letting him go off to school, and letting the fear that held me...go. God is so much bigger than this. He can handle it way better than I.
Thank you for your prayers on Jack's behalf. I feel God's blessing on him. Watching him grow a little more each day into the man God wants him to be. Letting him be independent.

quote of the day:
Today when we took our Amish cabinet maker to our new house to draw out the cabinets on the floor.

Suzy: "Where are we going daddy?"
Dad: "To go pick up Amos"
Suzy: "Why daddy?"
Dad: "Because he doesn't have a car to drive himself"
Suzy: (in disgust) "Who took his car???"


Holly said...

I love your blog about Jack! He is such a blessing! Your quote is so sweet!

Nicole said...

Girl I am so glad I checked your blog again and got an awesome update on your son!! I am praising the Lord right along with you!! I can totally relate, our 2nd son was born with heart problems and it is quite a process of lettting go and letting God. As a mom you want to do anything for your kids and when you can't it is hard!! I remember going through the same feelings as well! I am so glad he is doing awesome!!

Jewel said...

Thanx for updating us on Jack. I was just thinking about him a couple days ago & was wondering how he (and the rest of you) were doing! So glad to hear that medicine is working & that he has had no more seizures! Praise God! That is such a funny quote from Suzy!!!

Jenn said...

So thankful that Jack hasn't had any seizures. Thanks for the update! We're still praying for him.

cheryl said...

Yay God! Thanks for keeping Jack well. Thanks for the update Heather.

sherri said...

Every mom deals with the "letting go" at times and actually it's a continuous process isn't it? I just cried the tears of "letting go" yesterday when I left Luca with a sitter for 7 hours.

So glad Jack is doing so well...that is certainly worth rejoicing over!!!