Friday, February 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Happy Valentines, Merry Christmas, Happy Easter, 4th of July, and Happy Thanksgiving to me....... all in one

Yes, It's a gift for all the holidays of 2008 given to me by my husband just last week. A trip to California! My friend Bobbie had asked me to go with her to visit another friend of ours that lives there. Our friend Jael (see Judges 4:18-for explanation on where her mama got her name) is a missionary with her husband and 3 children in Indonesia. They are home on furlow for one year, and living in California with her husbands parents. We are flying out February 21st and coming back on February 24th. Excited just doesn't seem to do justice to my feelings on this trip.

Dear Lord in heaven what was I thinking with bangs that high? Please forgive me it was 1996! This is a picture taken the first weekend I met Jael. Bobbie and I were roommates and living in Sturgis and decided to take a weekend trip to Waukesha, WI. Jael and her husband were attending Bible school there. We had such a blast that weekend. No subject is off limits with these girls. We talked each other to sleep every night that weekend.

Also that weekend Jael and Bobbie along with Jael's sister threw me a surprise 21st birthday party. I felt so loved!

And this was a reunion we had back in the summer of 1999 at the B & B Donovan and I managed. Jael is holding her first little girl, Avery. Bobbie is pregnant with her first, and I was wishing I was pregnant in this picture.

I can't wait to be with you girls again. It's been too long. I have enjoyed our 3 way calls planning our trip and can't wait to talk you both to sleep every night.


Anonymous said...

so about those bangs... huh ...bout 3 inches high? lol, seriously, you could have your hair anyway, when you smile you shine! hope you have a super fun time and don't forget the camera!!

bobbie said...

Love the pictures!! (: Wanita is matter what your hair looks like and no matter what you are wearing...your smile is so radiant that no one would of noticed the six foot bangs if you had not mentioned them!!! (:
Can hardly wait!!!! It will be sooo fun for all three of us to get to hang out again!! And I am SURE that you will talk us to sleep....just as promised!!! (:

Sherri said...

Heather, I remember you talking about Jael several times over the exciting for you to get to go to California to visit with her!

Have a wonderful trip!