Monday, February 4, 2008

professional hair styling

I am posting some pictures taken from last week....because the children have shared the illness and what was throwing up for them is bronchitis for me. You truly would not want to see current pictures of me. I have not washed my hair since Thursday. It is not pretty over here. Three days without washing is normal for me-my hair just hangs straighter and is not so frizzy when it's not so clean.

But after 4 days, I actually need a sweat band to keep the hair grease from falling in my eyes, thus making it impossible to type. So reflecting back to Saturday a week I am getting a style from 2 of my favorite boys. I absolutely LOVE when they play with my hair. If I close my eyes real tight and pretend it almost feels like a head massage.

The straight row of clips- Is William's professional styling. He has got REAL talent I tell you.

And now if I only could get them to learn to use the blow dryer & hair straightener I would be all set.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful...they did an exellent job! :) Definitely see a future for them! Thanks for chatting last night - reminded me a little of years ago, when we actually saw each other more than 2 times a year. Sad how life gets so busy. Hope your're feeling better soon. - Beth

Bobbie said...

LOVELY!!! Can they come and do mine next?!
What a good sport for you to sit there and let them do that!! (: Now...can they pick out my wardrobe for CA for me too?! Stressing a little over that!! (:

Sherri said...

Those two boys look like they adore their mama! Sweet pictures!

I'm working on a similar post right now entitled "Parenting Perks" stay tuned. =)

Also, I received my ccokie sample pack yesterday and ripped it open immediately...DELICIOUS!! I did share with the rest although I was tempted to eat them all myself. Thank you Cousin!

Cindy said...

Do you think that June would work for you & Kim to come over. I want to wait until your house is ill-free. Don't want any "Gingerich Gunk" at my place! :) Don't you just love these long winter months when all the little germs have free reign of the place????

Holly said...

They are a couple of great little guys! They are so lovable and fun! I see a great future for them. ha ha love ya