Friday, February 8, 2008

Just give me the short cart....Or I'm gonna snap

Today I was feeling rather brave and adventerous. The kids had off of school....and so to town we went. Our first stop was Wal-mart to pick up pictures, valentines to hand out at school, etc. Then to Micheals for a birthday present. And then to my favorite vice- Target. Really what's not to love? I had several birthday gifts to pick up and you can eat lunch all in one handy store. The children were doing pretty well, until the check out line where there was crying and whining by 2 very hungry boys, temper tamtrum throwing by another, and another one that kept walking a little farther away than this mama felt comfortable with. So we parked the carts and had a re-fueling at the in-store snack stand. Then came grocery shopping at Meijer. Now tell, what is the job of the door greater? WHAT? I ask you? I always thought to greet you with a nice smile and say something cheesy like, "Hi, thanks for choosing Meijer". Not our greeter today. I think she was formerly employed by Hitler. Let me explain-You see everyone in my group was a little tired. Understandable. We were approaching 2:00, nap time. But I was right there, and didn't want to make another trip. So I had devised a plan. I would have Isabella (7) and Jack (5) push the short carts, their first time. I had a sippy cup, blankie, and marshmallos for Suzy (1). And William's (3) job would be to put the food into one of the 3 carts. So Isabella got one of the short carts and then Jack came to me because he couldn't pull the 2 stuck together apart. Then I tried...I couldn't either. Hitler door greeter came over to ask what I was doing. I told her I was trying to get the carts apart. She replied, "You shouldn't be trying to take another one. You already have one. Those carts are popular, and other people will want to use them. We can't be having your kids taking all the small carts." Hmmm....what would be the appropriate response here? I paused and remembered the 4 little people standing all around me and responded, "we need these carts, we are going to use them to fill them with food." Because of course everyone had to take their coats off and those all went into my cart creating a 1/2 full cart of just coats. And then I just walked away thinking of 100 other things I would've loved to add to that short sentence. And I may have went over to the service desk, to inform the personnel what orders Hitler door greeter had just said.

The rest of the shopping trip went really well. I had told on Hitler and felt a little better for venting. We had a really big list. The kids were so excited to be pushing their own carts. We filled all 3 carts. We paid, and then as we were walking out, Hitler approached. GREAT- I should've used the other set of doors. She came up to me and asked if I had told on her. Because she got chewed out. Ummm really? Uhhhh....??? I then looked at her and "well yes, I did. I thought I should be able to pick what cart and how many I needed. That's all I wanted. I didn't want to be chewed out for letting my children use their own carts." She looked at me and said she was really sorry. And on and on and on. Next time I come in, to just tell her that I really do need 2 little carts. Next time she won't give me a hard time. That she is really sorry. And on and on and on. Alright already, by this time the kids were playing in the automatic doors, Suzy was crying, and Jack was in the parking lot starting the car. And she still followed me out the doors to apologize 40 more times, just in case I didn't understand her remorse. Justice was served, thank you service desk people.


krista said...

Thanks for the chuckle, I can't wait to get the story live! All in a day's work...hope you got the night off!

Anonymous said...

Dear Heather,
I wanted to see if you knew if Wal-Mart was hiring. Thanks to you, I am now out of a job at Meijer. My management told me I was just too diligent which I really don't understand. I mean, I say hi to everyone, ration my carts out, look for vagrants and bag ladies and little rug rats (did I mention I can't stand children?). I mean, all the the little buggers do is smear buggers on my fresh clean carts. I am proud of the fact that my carts are the cleanest around and that everyone who comes in gets one right away.

But I digress. Somehow I think that with your clout in this world, you could get me hired at Walmart...or maybe even Target. I hear you are quite popular over there.

Thank you,
Cart Nazi

Sherri said...

Thanks for the good laugh today, Heather...I will never look at the Meijer door greeters the same. =)

sharena said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaa! I can't wait to hear the story live!