Sunday, February 17, 2008

lucky me

I woke up to this card this morning....... See why I married him??
This has been a week-end full of it starts.

Thursday kicked off a birthday extravaganza for me. It started that evening and just ended tonight. It makes me feel so blessed, loved and cherished. Thursday was my Uncle Paul's
birthday and since our birthday's are 3 days apart we have celebrated them together for the last 30 years. My aunt made a delicious pizza supper with red velvet cake and ice cream.

The next night was Friday night and my younger sister, Holly took me out for supper and shopping. WOW! What a fun night. We went to Carrabba's for dinner, because really why waste your time anywhere else when you are hungry and celebrating your birthday? This was Holly's 1st time at Carrabba's....and I'm so glad she loved it. As in really loved it. As in...eye's rolling to the back of your head, groaning while you eat... good. As in-left the waiter a $6 tip... good. I guess you get the point. And if you want a recommendation for a perfect dinner ask for the Mezzaluna Carrabba (it's not actually on the menu). What is on the menu is - Mezzaluna which is served in tomato sauce but if you order Mezzaluna Carrabba it comes with alfredo sauce and a side of grilled chicken. And please don't forget to order the sausage lentil soup - you won't be sorry. Can you see why I have this obsession with Carrabba's? Just talking about it makes me want to go back.....good thing they aren't open 24 hours a day. And then after we ate we had a blast shopping. My older sister, Melissa had mailed me a generous gift certificate to Victoria's I had fun spending that. And besides dinner Holly also gave a gift card for tanning. :) Wow-they know me well.

And just if you didn't think I did enough to celebrate--Donovan took me out the next day (Saturday) while his mama kept the kids. We went to Kalamazoo. We hit my favorite kids resale shop, had lunch, stopped at all my favorite vices....Target, Old Navy, Gap, etc.....It was so fun to connect with Donovan. We held hands, had un-interrupted conversations and everything. SO COOL. Thanks honey- I love you.

And then today....Was my actual birthday. It started off with breakfast in bed....brought in by the kids. Isabella made my favorite Cinnamon Streusel Frosted Mini-Wheats. What a blast to have the 4 kids all around me singing Happy Birthday to me. What a treat. Donovan even stuck a candle in my orange. They were all so excited that the day had come for me. My family is so cool. And after church Elsie had us over for lunch after church. She let me pick all my favorites and wow what a spread!! We had baked chicken, mashed potatoes, corn, bread, gravy, jello, and a red velvet chocolate cake. She put out the china and everything!!! Nothing says love like food- for me. And if that wasn't enough she offered to take William for me one day this week. And Dad (Glen) is taking Jack another day. Really? Babysitting too? Thanks mom and dad for a wonderful lunch, babysiting, and the birthday gift. You know how to make a daughter feel really loved!!

So here is the end of the day today. Yesterday I bought matching shirts for Isabella and I. Dorky or cute??

Thanks to so many of you for the birthday emails, phone calls and gifts. I had a neat meal basket from a friend...thanks Gina!! I had a neat bath basket from my favorite sister-in-law tonight at church. The card cracked me up!! Thanks Arlene. Thanks Rosetta for the gift--you spoil me, and thanks to Sherri for the gift you mailed. And..Thanks Bobbie for the awesome trip you invited me to take with you!!!! Can't wait. So here we go with year #33!


Anonymous said...

So glad you had a happy birthday! About the matching shirts~cute of course! And Isabella's hair is so cute (short cut)...great Mom/daughter picture! And great pictures of all the ways you enjoyed your birthday! Now we'll look forward to pix from sunny and warm California (and all be jealous!) Have a wonderful trip!

Sherri said...

Heather, loved seeing all your celebrations over the weekend for your birthday...and what a sweet love note from your husband.

I'm sure you're busy getting ready for your big trip! I know it will be hard to leave your family behind, but try to enjoy every minute...these kinds of trips don't happen very often. Love ya!

Kim said...

Sounds like a great weekend Heather! You are so loved!

Carrabba's said...

Hello Heather,

I monitor blog activity for Carrabba's, and your blog popped up in my Google alert because of your birthday dinner - what a great family you have! I also noticed your comment about nothing saying love like food, so I thought you might like to enter a contest we just launched on Valentine's Day.

Carrabba’s Italian Grill invites consumers to submit a short “Love Note” to their favorite food or dish, expressing how it has made time with friends and family more special. This is a fun opportunity for one grand prize winner to receive the “Ultimate Love Escape” including:

•Airfare for two to Las Vegas
•A romantic dinner for two at Carrabba’s
•Tickets to The Beatles LOVE Show by Cirque du Soleil
•A two-night stay at The Venetian and private gondola ride

Nine runners up will receive dinner for four at Carrabba’s, an apron and signed cookbook.

Entries can be submitted online at until March 31, 2008.

Amelia Turney
MS&L, on behalf of Carrabba's

Holly Jolly said...

WOW! What awesome peeps all around you! You are so spoiled! You deserve it! I love you sister!