Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Give me the cart or I'm gonna snap...Take 2

Do you remember when I was at Meijer and had the run in with the cart lady? I posted about it here. Well yesterday I had alot of groceries to get...because while gone the family drained all the milk, bread, and butter. Good for you Donovan - He even did all the cooking while I was gone. He didn't even eat out once. I guess he was making up for me eating out each meal and spending all the $. Anyways I got Jack on the bus for school and headed off to Meijer. Upon arriving I took one look at the greeter and knew I had entered the wrong door. I was getting William his own short cart....which made him feel like a real stud....since last time he didn't get one. Then got one for myself. The cart nazi came over to me and this is what she said,
CN (cart nazi): "Are you going to fill those both?"
Me: "why yes I am."
CN: "Well I'm just making sure...because those are a popluar cart. Ohhhh wait, You are the one who told on me aren't you?
Me: "well, uhhh, yes, I am. I just wanted to be able to take the cart I needed."
CN: "Well I really got chewed out for that. It's o.k. if you take both carts again. Just make sure you fill them both."
Me: Inwardly rolling of the eyes and proceed forward to fill both carts.

Later in my shopping experience after filling both carts........

CN: "Hey, those carts aren't very full." (Her way of joking I guess)
Me: "Ha ha ha." Thinking inside...Please go away.
CN: "I'm not going to forget you now. I'll have to give you a hard time from now on."
Me: "Yah, I'm thinking of starting to use the other set of doors from now on." --I seriously did say that.
CN: "Oh, Don't do that. I'm just kidding." Then she grabbed my cart and started pushing it towards the door for me since I was struggling to carry Suzy while pushing the cart with one hand. Little one year old was tired of riding. However I ran into a friend which was a welcome distraction. I told the cart nazi to please leave my cart and I'll get it.

I'm thinking of finding out when she works next and working in my next shopping trip around her days off.


cheryl said...

I'm glad you posted this. This is the 3rd time I had checked today b/c that seems to be the kinnd of luck I have, so I was looking forward to the story. I was actually telling a couple girls at work about how ridiculous the lady was. Hitler OBVIOUSLY didn't know when enough was enough. Apparently, this lady is struggling with that theme as well. Maybe if you got her in trouble once, she should get the hint to leave well enough alone. The only time I've ever seen all of those carts used was right before a holiday weekend AND there was a storm on the way AND it was 5:30, about the time that the whole world had just gotten off work. I'm pretty sure there were plenty of them at 9am on a Tuesday morning! Glad you had a good trip, by the way.

Anonymous said...

way to go sis, i think meijers needs to hire you for sensitivity training, for just such employees as madam hitler, she needs to learn that without customers she doesn' have a job! glad you made it home ok from california, I AM SOOOO ENVYIOUS, of you getting to see RYAN SEACREST! arggh!--melissa gail

Cindy said...

You should give the Meijer lady your blog address. I think she just need to laugh along with the rest of us, and she will see the world in a different and MUCH better way!

Bobbie said...

Could you please take your camera along with you next time???? Maybe she could pose for you and you could tell her that she is a hot topic on your blog....obviously she didn't learn from her mistake the first time!!! (: I really think you and your friends should go as a group with all your kids.....(:

Kim said...

Can I go with you next time with all of my three rugrats? She might run away when we walk in! "Yes, we will be filling 6 small carts today, yes that's right 6, count em!" Just a thought, maybe a new grocery store?

krista said...

It is so crazy that you keep seeing her or could even talk to her more than once in the store. Good thing you know people who can get you out of a bind. She sounds like she could have talked for awhile!

heather said...

Cheryl....Glad to hear from you. You need to update your blog sweet cousin, So I know what you are up to.

Melissa....Way to go sister. I love hearing from you. I agree about the sensitivity training thing. And don't be too envyious of the Ryan Seacrest...he was stuck up. :) Wait a minute did you name your son after him????????

Cindy...I'm not sure hitler would be laughing about my comments on her. :(

Bobbie...the line we used in Cali won't work here. "I'm from Indiana" Which is what we kept telling people when I kept taking so many pictures.

Kim...I love it!!! We should go to Meijer together after the kids get out of school someday. We would really give her a melt down.

Krista...I expected you to say I should go to 3-Rivers next time. :)

Love you guys...thanks for sharing my moment.