Monday, February 11, 2008

completed projects

I have had these wooden blocks for over a year....and after looking around the house for something to put on Suzanna's shelf for her new big girl room-I found them. I had done 2 sets of these name blocks for 2 good friends who both have green and pink for their little girls' rooms. And at the time I made them for my friends' little girls I had bought enough to do for Suzy too. Just never got around doing them, until this past week-end.

These are extra blocks that are 2 1/2 inches square. I wasn't sure what to do with I just made them abc blocks with extra pictures. I have them so Suzy can reach them, and she loves to play with them.

And here are the name blocks. These are 2 inch square. I also made them with the option of spelling Suzy, so I could stack the picture blocks on top.

So here's how you do it. The blocks you can buy at the craft store along with the mod podge. Print pictures and get scrapbook paper also. Then cut the paper and pictures to fit your block. Mod podge is basically glue, except it gives a nice clear shinny finish when you coat something with it. So apply thin coat on block (a foam brush works best), put on picture or paper and apply another thin coat over the picture or paper. Coat 3-4 times. It works best to do only 2 sides of the block at a time or you can end up getting finger prints on the block.

And here is Suzy boycotting her room. (Did she like it brown better????) She lay in bed Saturday night fussy and sad. She usually does not do that. So we figured she must be lonely??? We put her in bed with Isabella and here is what we saw later that night.


Kim said...

Love that idea, I might do that too! What are your letters, stickers or wood letters?

Grandma G. said...

The picture of Isabella and Suzy is too precious. True sisters.

heather said...

Kim: The letters are chip board also from the scrapbooking store. :) Pink and brown blocks would be really cute for Addison's room!

Grandma G.: I agree~


How cute is that picture of the really did deserve a posting of it's own!!! As the visa commercials would say!! PRICELESS!!!

Cottonista said...

Great post! I love your ideas.

I love pictures of kids....SLEEPING!

Lyndon Bontrager said...

Wow, good thing you got a picture. Wouldn't have wanted to miss that Kodak moment.

Sherri said...

Love the blocks and still love the ones you made for Kaiya. You are so creative!