Tuesday, December 4, 2007

under the knife

Well from the looks of yesterdays post y' all have realized that I am feeling much better after this last round of strep....I finished my last portion of antibiotic on Sunday and can still feel the effects of it because I feel great. Thank goodness last weeks strep episode didn't hit me as hard as in November because that round of strep left me beggin' for mercy. I had never been that sick in my life.

So now I am a bakin' fool. There is nothing like a surgery to motivate one to kick it in to high gear and get r' done. I'm am so thankful to have finished my baking and shopping and from here on out it's recovering from the knife in my throat feeling. Trust me I'm not trying to brag about the shopping and baking being done. Just plain happy to have it ready to go. Because I'm thinking this may take a little while to recover from.

And I will report I've had 4 c-sections, 1 kidney stone removed, and 1 appendectomy. I've never been this apprehensive about surgery. The c-sections were easy for me for the fact I got a huge grand prize at the end. I always looked forward to meeting the baby and the baby was a welcome distraction from all the pain. And the kidney stone and appendectomy were emergency so I didn't have much time to agonize over the pain about to happen. And I realize I'm not the first person to under go this kind of surgery, I will probably be just fine. I just have the night before jitters.

And sweet Jack has been having sympathy pains for dear ol' mama as he has been running a fever, coughing, and has a sore throat for the last 3 days. Tonight it was up to 101.9! So he's been home from school, waiting to brake the fever. Most of the time he is up and around and playing some, but not eating much- unless of course there is chocolate.

And let me tell you there was ALOT of chocolate today! Mama Gingerich, sister-in-law Arlene and I got together again this year to make chocolates. A tradition 2nd year running. I managed to even get 4 cream cheese danishes made.

William who begged to take a picture, shot this one of dear sick brother dripping infectious fever germs on the chocolate covered peanut butter crackers.

And here is sicky pants holding Suzy in front of all the beautiful things Arlene did today. She is a fancy one I tell you. Double Chocolate Oreo Truffles....are in the front and let me tell you they are sinful. Just plain sinful. They have a perfect texture inside and are just out of this world.

So off to getting ready for the big day tomorrow. The surgery is at an outpatient surgery center in Goshen at 8:45. No eating from midnight on, no water or even gum in the morning--so I'm already feeling sorry for the Doctor for the fact that my breath will probably cause him to reconsider his "no gum" rule on surgery day.


Sherri said...

Wow, you have been busy! The chocolates look great! Praying for you today...you'll be back to normal in no time.

krista said...

Are any of those truffles at your house? I will eat your portion since they will spoil before you want to eat them. =)