Thursday, December 6, 2007

on the mend

Back from under the knife...and glad to be rid of 2 little nasty tonsils. The whole experience went as well as it could've and I was very impressed with the out patient surgery center that I was at. The nurses were so good and the IV went in as well as I ever had done. The surgeon told Donovan that the tonsils were nasty and badly infected and the worst he had seen in a while. So that makes this all feel so much more worth it. The nurse had told me that during surgery you swallow blood and that I will feel better when I throw that up. I hadn't thrown up the 4 hours of recovery, So lucky for me I got to do that on the way home. I was glad the nurse told me it may be red or even black. Otherwise I would've been really freaked out to be throwin' out black. It hit me hard 5 times, and then felt better.

I was glad to make it home by the time Isabella got off of the bus. She was pretty worried about mama. She doesn't do well when things are out of the routine...and had tears about someone else taking her to school, etc. So anyways yesterday I used the white board rather than talking...and this little sweetie wrote me..."Just for you mama. You are the best mom in the whole world." She's a snuggler and was the best medicine to be cozy next to her in the recliner. I didn't realize until after surgery when the nurse told me that I couldn't lay flat due to the swollen uvula in my throat, at least for a couple days until the swelling goes down. Steroids for that. So thanks to Donovan's dad that brought me up their recliner to have. I mean borrow. :) I love it. It has been very comfortable to sleep in, and when I get too cold one of the kids turn on the fireplace. Magical. Esp. with the drugs I have for pain. AND THERE IS LOTS OF PAIN. I had another round of throwing up later in the evening last night.....but for today the pain has been better. I'm not allowed anything warm or hot to eat or drink....that has been a down side to all of this. Because nothing sounds more soothing to me right now than a cup of tea or a bowl of soup. But only cold soft foods for one week. Due to the fact that the warm food or drink could open the scabs that are forming on the back of my throat. And these wonderful people are bringing wonderful things to eat...But don't worry I am hiding them so I can get my share later. :)
And look at this....the kids stopped running and chasing each other around the house...long enough to lotion my legs after my bath. Heavenly. Even though it lasted all of 2 minutes. They are great kids and make my day sitting in the same chair all day a little easier. They are entertaining. And to the best husband in the world....who comes whenever I ring my little bell. Because right now I can't yell.
I have so much to be thankful for.....meals brought in today, my husband who takes such great care of me, my kids who give me so much joy, a surgery that went well, daily healing, and friends like you that support and encourage me. All gifts from GOD.


Anonymous said...

Good Morning, Heather,
It's 6:00am and I can't sleep so as I often do, I get up and check my e-mail and a few things on the web.
Reading your report (and e-mail) makes me feel a little better about not getting to help you this week. Even though I wasn't there, I could pray for you and I did! I know many others did, too.
You look cozy and well-cared for. In a few weeks you'll feel so much better without those nasty tonsils! And blessings to your dear family and friends for sharing so much love and care (and meals) with you.
With continued prayers for a complete recovery for you~Rosetta

Cottonista said...

I'm glad you're on this side of your surgery. You'll be back to eating chocolate again in no time. ( : At least ice cream isn't outlawed!

Sherri said...

Heather, So glad it's all over and that you can focus on getting better now. It looks like your family is taking good care of you. What a blessing! Can I borrow that bell?