Tuesday, December 11, 2007


And this is why I am not up to taking care of little people by myself yet.....do you see all of the energy? Do you see it? They cook up little ideas in those cute little heads and run with them. This was not taken today....but a few weeks ago. But let me assure you they have every bit of energy that they did in this picture.

I started out today with high hopes of being back in the saddle...but breakfast wore me out. School was delayed again, and all 4 were here, and since I was searching in the section on the kitchen that was labeled soft and warm, I came up with Cream of Wheat. I was feeling o.k. and working on filling the 5 bowls with the warm porridge, trying to eat slowly and carefully all the while trying to keep the boys from making inappropriate noises. But it got louder, the ears started throbbing, and then we missed the bus. My ears are super sensitive right now due to the swelling from the tonsilectamy. So I took pain medication and on that I can not drive. I called Donovan home and a friend took Isabella to school.

Back to bed for me. Which is not a bad place to be when you are seeing double and feeling like your floating from some really good pain medication that works well for the pain I was having.

So it's still recovery week here and I'm a little weary of all the sitting around, but I'm seeing progress every day and hope to be back to 100% soon. If I could only bottle up my 2 boys' energy and take a swig.


Wanita said...

to cute! and so familiar! just be glad it wasn't their sisters unders they had on their head! i see brown and pink in the background...are all the walls brown? my niece tonya chose me to help her w/ her new bedroom deco and her colors are brown, pink and green(bobbie jack). we've been trying to decide which color to go w/ on the walls. maybe if you send me a 'p-g' pic (tee,hee) i can show it to her.

i had no idea you are in that much pain!! i'm so sorry! i am going to go lift you up in prayer right now-love, wanita

krista said...

Looks like blackmail later in life!

Sherri said...

That picture is great! It will become a classic and one they will laugh about for years. Hope your day is going better today and your pain is less intense.