Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas bliss......Christmas kiss.....

I feel like I have neglected all of my blogger friends....So tonight just a short tidbit & tomorrow I promise a better post with fun pictures from a very fun trip to Chicago we took today.

We are in the midst of Christmas bliss! As all of you I'm sure are also. It has been a fun filled week and I thought I'd share just a few highlights from yesterday.

I spent a little time on Friday at the school helping with Christmas Parties. Here is Jack with his friend Madelyne. All the kindergartners brought in a small gift for each classmates. Jack had great time going through all of his "treasures" when he got home from school.

And Isabella's class did a gift exchange. She got a bubble gumball machine with an extra package of gumballs, just to make sure she would rot all of her teeth out, that haven't fallen out on their own. She was very excited about her gift, along with a few of her classmates. One boy told her "you are the luckiest in the whole class, Isabella!!"
It is so fun to be at school with them and see how each of our children interact with their friends. I also love to get to know these little people I hear so much about.
More tomorrow I promise...but for now , to bed for me.

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Holly jolly said...

What beautiful children! They are so happy! All because they have excellent parents!