Monday, December 10, 2007

swimming in sour cream

Tonight we enjoyed the talents of our friend Kristin who prepared us a meal. I’m not kidding when I say I enjoyed that meal more than anything I have had all year long!!! I called the Dr. office today and they said that I could go ahead and start some warm foods that are soft today. What a perfect meal to start with. The chicken was baked with breading on top and was oh so very wonderful. It was very tender and easy to swallow. The potatoes were baked and let me tell you I had them swimming in butter and sour cream...just to make them slide down better. Then peas (we cooked extra long) and warm rolls were a perfect combination. I mean it when I say, “THE BEST!” And then she brought finger jello cut into Christmas cookie shapes, along with flavor ice Popsicles..... AND cookies…you know the cute little butter cookies that come out of a little press. And they were all delightfully decorated.

Today the pain is better, gets a little bit better each day. Just getting a little discouraging to keep needing help with the kids. I’m not quite up to all the energy that they require. And the kids need the smack put down for sure after running over Grandma all day. School was cancelled due to the weather, so it was a long day. Besides the kids are all hacking with a cough that is relentless. Thank goodness Grandma Elsie was so kind to come in and help again today. She did laundry, changed sheets, cleaned bathrooms, and took care of the kids. What a blessing. Now for tomorrow. Hmmm???

But things are looking up after that meal. It was so good to enjoy such a well thought, well prepared, and scrumptious meal. Thanks Kristin you rock!

And here is a picture of the famous chef Kristin. This was taken in April 2006 when we were in Palm Beach on vacation. Our husbands won a trip for work and yes, we are pregnant....we were just about 4 weeks apart. Although Kristin was smaller than me and she was due before me. My favorite part of the trip was when Travis warned us of going in the pool at the same time...because he was afraid the 2 beached whales would drain the water out if we both jumped.
Man, I can't stand that guy.
Just kidding T-bone.


krista said...

Oh, what a good idea to call the doctor! I am so glad you did so you could enjoy at least one wonderful meal that people have given you. Sounds like a winner! I bet school will be canceled tomorrow, too, so maybe Isabella can step in and be Mrs. Mom. Wouldn't the boys like that?

Sherri said...

What a great picture to post during this nasty icy weather. Glad you are able to eat warm food again.

Kristin said...

Heather- what you don't know is that the chicken was swimming in sour cream too! As for the Palm Beach pic, I'm surprised it didn't take up the entire computer screen! I'm so glad I read your blog, because I stumbled onto your older post about cinnamon rolls. I've been craving your rolls (no I'm not pregnant)and have been meaning to ask you for the recipe. I was so excited to find it on your blog and I've printed it out. Can't wait to make these- perfect project for the winter.