Monday, January 31, 2011

tissue paper flowers

 Last week I was at my friend Beth's house for a coffee and treats.  I was taking a looksie about her house when I saw these adorable tissue paper flowers hanging from her daughters ceiling in her room.  She gave some simple instructions and I came home that night and made them!  They are so simple and cheap to make....I took some pictures to give you a step by step on how to do them.  
 First of all I got 3 packages of tissue paper different colors to match my daughters' room.  I took about 8 sheets of one color and fan folded them.  Imagine if you are looking at a rectangle...the shorter side is where you start folding, long sides of tissue should be on the sides.
 Secured them with a paper clip. 
I cut about 4-5 inches off the end and then cut both ends with a V.  You could also do a curved end. 
 Carefully pull apart each individual piece of tissue paper.  Making a flower as you go. 

 I then attached fishing line to the paperclip and hung them up.  Literally took me about 12 minutes to make them all, and about $5!! 

Quote of the day:
Suzy: "William do you feel sorry for me?  Because I have the coughs and a runny nose."


cheryl said...

I LOVE cute and cheap! I bet the girls love them!

Mary said...

Very cute!

Wanita said...

These are so fun Heather! I did them in pink for V-day deco.

Nicole said...

so cute, I will have to try this!!!

Jewel said...

Those are soooo soooo cute! And I love Suzy's question! The coughs...too cute!

sherri said...

very fun!!! what a neat project!

Anonymous said...

I love love these and plan to make some for my girls...
what a creative idea!
thanks for sharing it! :)