Monday, January 10, 2011

french kisses and other celebrating

 Over the weekend...we did some celebrating.  I unpacked my grandma Ida's china and I celebrated Rose.  A friend that turned 30 something.??  I love the feeling china gives you.  Something delicate and special.  I should use it more than every 10 years. 
 We also celebrated it being FRIDAY night with some friends.  Here is the kids table...our kids outnumber the we put them at the big table and we are at the smaller table.  Too bad we didn't get a picture of the mama's and the papa's. :(  So anyways after not being around their kids for several YeArS...I've been reminded of what great candidates they are for our own children's spouses.  Crystal and I are currently working up some paperwork to arrange them together in marriage.  The only problem is one will be left in the cold, since they have 3 children.  So looks like William hit the luck and can be our live in care taker in our old age.    
 Saturday we hit the sledding hills...and with the new dusting of was perfect.  Well except that Donovan and I do not have snow pants or snow boots.  That seemed to be kind of a problem.  But what we lack in snow gear we made up for in layers. 

 We met some friends over at the hill, and Jack enjoyed his BFF for a couple of hours. 
 LoVe HIM!

 Saturday night we celebrated our Anniversary with Jon & Arlene.  We did not know we were going to be celebrating...they had invited us over for dinner...but then went all out with beautiful table settings and adorable cup bling. Can you see the tissue paper flowers in the above picture??? We even got an inappropriate card that I love.  :) :)
 The main attraction that night though was the twins....

 And William did a little story time.  We had a super good time and delicious supper.  Thanks Jon & Arlene for a great evening.  
 Sunday morning greeted us early with a 5:30 a.m. throw up request.  Jack. Came all the way through the living room, kitchen, hallway and our room to tell us he had to throw up.  Hmmm...I need to remind him again, he can do that in the bathroom right next to his room.  So Donovan got up and took William to Sunday school while I kept the girls and Jack at home.  Or should I stay Donovan left Isabella home to take care of us??  While Jack and I were in bed, laying around being lazy, and talking....Isabella made cream of wheat, toast, and orange juice on a breakfast in bed tray and brought it in to us. 
 Jack true to form looking pathetic when he is sick.  Milking every ounce of opportunity for sympathy he can.  I YI YI YI.....Jack said he couldn't even set up...he was so sick.  Somehow when cartoons came on 30 minutes later, he managed just fine.  
Back to you see the 2 bowls of cream of wheat??  Do you see the 2 little snack cups?? One is brown sugar and the other white.  White for me, Brown for Jack.   :) see plastic cups and the glass cup?  She knows I do not enjoy drinking out of plastic...I prefer glass to drink out of.  How she remembers all the details bless me tremendously.  Heart, heart that girl sure is special. 
Then Isabella and Suzy asked if they could bring in their bowls and eat with us.  In my mind I thought~this is disaster waiting to happen, but my heart said yes.  Here they are sitting on my legs.  Creating a one of a kind Sunday morning I will not soon forget.  Their smiles totally negate the throw up I cleaned out of the sink earlier.

quote of the day:
Jack" What is a Fench kiss again?"
Donovan: "Well....."
Jack: "Is it where you stick your tongue in someone else's mouth?"


raisinpraise said...

What a sweet thoughtful girl you are raising!! And I know that 'nut' doesn't fall far from the tree!! Thank you again friend for your splendid breakfast! And cards and gifts and leftovers that I fed my children for breakfast today! Love you! Sorry jack was so sick! He does look miserable!!

Mary said...

God likes you Heather. I know...with every ounce of knowing...what a misery it is to clean up "throw up" but it's just a bump in the road. A forgettable, or in some cases laughable, among all the great moments.